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Dragon Wings are an item in Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the zombies map Gorod Krovi. When equipped, the player receives the following traits:

  • 30% explosive damage resistance
  • 30% fire damage resistance

After finishing a Dragon Egg, acquiring the Dragon Strike and riding a Dragon from every station, the Dragon Wings become available. It is located on a mannequin in the department store, much like the Mask and Valkyrie Drone Hat, as well as being only able to equip one of these items. Also, after equipping the Dragon wings, the player will gain the ability to teleport to the Hatchery for free via interacting with the red light pole next to the loading platform. In addition, the player can summon the Dragon for free, which can be very helpful for players who haven't equipped the wings, since it allows them to get to the Hatchery without spending points.

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