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For other variants, see SVU and Type85 Evolution.

The Dragunov is a Soviet semi-automatic sniper rifle featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Heroes, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered. It also makes a brief cameo in Call of Duty: Ghosts.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare Remastered

"Semi-automatic sniper rifle. Effective at long range."
— Weapon description


The Dragunov is used by the Ultranationalists, Loyalists, and OpFor. It is the most frequently encountered sniper rifle in the campaign and can be found in most levels. Unlike the multiplayer counterpart, the Dragunov in the campaign has virtually no recoil at all, but has a firecap whereas the multiplayer variant can be fired as fast as the fire button can be pressed.


The Dragunov is unlocked at level 22. Like all sniper rifles, the only available attachment is the ACOG Scope. This weapon is capable of killing an enemy in one shot to the chest or above (excluding arms). Because the Dragunov lacks any 1.1 or 1.4 multipliers, Stopping Power has no effect on this weapon unless shooting at targets using Juggernaut or through walls. It is also one of the six weapons that can have a golden color scheme. The Gold Camouflage exclusivity is removed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered however, as all weapons can accept gold camouflage.

In terms of one shot killing potential, the Dragunov is the best sniper rifle to use without Stopping Power by a considerable margin. It is tied, without Stopping Power, with the Barrett .50cal and R700 for damage and has a very high firecap. This leaves room for another tier 2 perk, such as UAV Jammer or Overkill. The Dragunov is also extremely effective in Hardcore. The length of the Dragunov in third person however, may render stealth tactics moot, considering the player may be detected by another player around a corner or underneath foliage due to the Dragunov.

Raise/Drop times are 100 milliseconds slower than other sniper rifles. When equipped with the ACOG Scope, the Dragunov has an even greater penalty at 300 milliseconds slower to holster when switching to a handgun or when preparing to throw lethal and tactical grenades. The holster time is unaffected however when switching to another primary weapon, or to a piece of equipment such as the RPG-7, C4 or Claymore. This makes the Dragunov particularly well-suited to using the Overkill perk, as the speed penalty of using a primary weapon as a secondary is lessened and as the Dragunov benefits little from Stopping Power.


Old School Mode

The Dragunov appears in Old School Mode with 20 rounds in the magazine and 10 rounds of reserve ammunition.

  • Bloc - Found on the first floor to the southern end of the eastern apartment building.
  • Countdown - Found at the eastern part of the map, next to the center missile vent.
  • Downpour/Daybreak - Found on the roof of the center building, to the left of the large vent.
  • Strike - Found inside the hotel at the southern end of the map.


For camouflage images, see Dragunov/Camouflage.
For attachment images, see Dragunov/Attachments.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS)


The Dragunov appears in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS) as one of the two sniper rifles in game, and being the only semi-automatic one. The Dragunov looks very similar to the Dragunov in the console versions, though much brighter in color. The Dragunov is a semi-automatic sniper rifle, but it has a firecap, like the Dragunov in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's campaign. When fired, the player can hear what seems to be a bolt being pulled back. This, combined with a lower rate of fire, make many players consider it as a bolt-action sniper rifle, though it is still superior to the M40A3. It is only available to use once by the player in the level "Exodus".


In multiplayer the Dragunov is the only sniper rifle available for the insurgents, however there's no difference between it and the M40A3 as they both kill with one shot on any part of the body and for this reason have their magazine capacity reduced to one round, making the Dragunov essentially a bolt action rifle.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The Dragunov returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but is only found in the campaign and Special Ops. It is seen used by the Brazilian Militia in "Takedown", and the Ultranationalists. It can be found and used in multiple levels, such as:

It, noticeably, has the front lens cap still on it, a change from the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare version. It can be found with Arctic Camouflage in the mission "Cliffhanger", "Contingency", "The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday" and "The Gulag", whereas the Dragunov with Woodland Camouflage can be found in "Loose Ends" and "The Enemy of My Enemy". Another noticeable change is that the bolt is now seen in the receiver. One peculiar difference from other weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is that when the Dragunov is reloaded, the gun is held up with the magazine facing right, rather than with other guns the magazine faces left, or the barrel is facing up.


For camouflage images, see Dragunov/Camouflage.

Call of Duty: Black Ops


The Dragunov appears in the missions "Crash Site," "Executive Order," and "Numbers." In "Numbers", the Dragunov is commonly found equipped with an Infrared Scope.


The Dragunov is the first sniper rifle available in multiplayer, available at the unlocking of Create-A-Class. It is also part of the default Sniper class.

Damage is on the low end for sniper rifles. The Dragunov does seventy damage per bullet, like other sniper rifles. The Dragunov gets a 100% damage boost to the head and neck, a 50% damage boost to the upper torso, and doesn't do increased damage to the lower torso. This makes the Dragunov tied with the WA2000 for the worst one-shot kill potential of all the sniper rifles. Still, the Dragunov is capable of a one shot kill to said regions. With precision, the Dragunov can get one shot kills. The Dragunov has high penetration power. Although one shot kills are not as likely through cover, the Dragunov does so much damage with a shot to the head or neck (140 damage after accounting for the damage multiplier) that a one shot kill through a light wall is possible.

The Dragunov is semi-automatic, and has a firecap of 234 RPM, like the other semi-automatic sniper rifles.

The Dragunov's accuracy is decent for a semi-automatic sniper rifle. The Dragunov's recoil per shot is unpredictable. It has recoil values of 55 to the left and right, and two recoil values going up: 10 and 65. In terms of recoil per shot, the Dragunov is tied with the WA2000 for the lowest recoil per shot in the sniper rifle class. The Dragunov can either kick upwards very lightly or moderately. Dampening the Dragunov's accuracy severely is a poor centerspeed, tying the L96A1 with a worst in-class 500 centerspeed. 500 is absolutely terrible, and it is nowhere near enough to recenter the gun before the Dragunov can fire again, unless the user gets lucky with upward recoil. The terrible centerspeed forces users to pace their shots and allow the recoil to settle. The recoil per shot may be low for a sniper rifle, but the terrible centerspeed makes it so that the user cannot maintain a good rate of fire without severely compromising accuracy. The Dragunov has standard idle sway for a sniper rifle.

The Dragunov has standard handling characteristics for a sniper rifle. The Dragunov allows users to move at 95% of the base speed, and strafe at 40% of the base speed. The Dragunov allows users to aim down the scope in 400 milliseconds, and the Dragunov has terrible hip-fire accuracy. The Dragunov's reloads are slow, but normal for a sniper rifle. The Dragunov's reload animation is 2.9 seconds long, or 3.75 seconds if the magazine is empty. The user can Reload Cancel after 2.1 seconds.

The Dragunov's biggest asset is its magazine capacity, largest in-class at ten rounds. The ten round magazines also give the Dragunov the largest starting ammo loadout in its class, allowing users to spawn in with forty rounds total.

The Dragunov has the usual assortment of attachments for the Sniper Rifle category. Variable Zoom is one of the best attachments for more traditional sniper users, as it allows multiple zoom levels to be used to better adapt for the situation

The ACOG Scope makes the aim down sight time faster, at 350 milliseconds, gives the lowest zoom level out of all the sights available to the Dragunov, and makes the Dragunov sway at half the speed. However, the ACOG Scope removes the ability for the user to steady the weapon via holding breath. This attachment does not fit a traditional sniping role, and is best suited for more aggressive users. The Dragunov uses the Russian PK-AV as its scope.

Extended Mags increases the Dragunov's magazine capacity to fifteen rounds. This gives users lots of shots before needing to reload. If the user finds no need for other attachments, Extended Mags should be the user's go-to option.

The Infrared Scope reduces definition on the environment, but illuminates enemies white hot. This can help with target acquisition, but Ghost Pro users will be virtually invisible, and snow will glow. The Infrared Scope is a poor choice on snowy maps such as Array and WMD, and it requires the user have good gamesense, as the lack of definition on the user's surroundings can confuse potential users. The Infrared Scope is also a liablity against any Ghost Pro user.

The Dragunov is a good fit for the Suppressor due to its semi-automatic nature, large maagzine capacity, and the Dragunov isn't really reliant on one shot kills anyway. The Suppressor reduces the Dragunov's base damage from 70 to 50, meaning that the user must hit the opponent in the head or the neck to get a kill, and the user can no longer get a one shot kill while shooting through objects.

Its statistics make it a very good sniper in Hardcore game modes, where its massive 10 round magazine will take it a long way.

The Dragunov best compares to the WA2000, as both are semi-automatic sniper rifles with poor one-shot kill capability and low recoil per shot. Compared to the WA2000, the Dragunov has a much larger magazine capacity and starting ammo loadout. The WA2000 has a much faster centerspeed (825 vs the Dragunov's 500), a lower innate zoom level, and a faster aim down sight time with the ACOG Scope (300 milliseconds vs the Dragunov's 350 milliseconds). Users who are interested in either sniper rifle should try both of them out to see which sniper is better suited for their playstyle.

The Dragunov has undergone many aesthetic changes via hotfixes, with some replacing the scope's reticule. As it currently stands, it will have its default scope (a chevron rangefinder reticule), and a backup chevron iron sight.



The Dragunov can be obtained from the Mystery Box in all of the Zombies maps. It is a reasonably good support weapon until around round 8 where it starts to lose its power. When Pack-a-Punched via the Pack-a-Punch Machine, it becomes the D115 Disassembler. It sports higher damage and a Variable Zoom scope. The D115 Disassembler is a one-shot-kill until round 22, and a one-shot-kill to the head until round 34.

Prior to being Pack-a-Punched, the Dragunov does slightly less damage than the L96A1. However, the two sniper rifles do the same damage after being upgraded, thus making the Dragunov superior when upgraded, with a higher rate of fire and more ammo.

Dragunov vs D115 Disassembler

Dragunov D115 Disassembler
Dragunov BO.png D115 Disassembler BO.png
Damage 300 1000
Multiplier Head: x10
Chest: x1.5
Abdomen: x1.5
Head: x10
Chest: x3
Abdomen: x3
Fire mode Semi-automatic Semi-automatic
Rate of fire 234 RPM max 234 RPM max
Magazine size 10 10
Max ammo 40+10 80+10
Reload 2.95, 3.75 empty 2.95, 3.75 empty
Mobility Medium Medium
Extras More damage, more ammo, Variable Zoom.


For camouflage images, see Dragunov/Camouflage.
For attachments images, see Dragunov/Attachments.


Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS)

The Dragunov appears as one of two sniper rifles of the game (though other weapons can be scoped to be used as sniper rifles). Although the rifle is supposed to utilize 10 round box mags, this version only holds 5 cartridges. Also, although it should be semi auto, it has a ROF similar to a bolt action. It can be fitted with a silencer. The Dragunov is the sniper rifle of choice for the Soviet Army, Viet Cong and the Cuban Forces both in campaign and in multiplayer. In multiplayer, the Dragunov is one of the pre-unlocked weapons, and it is possible to unlock the silencer for it after 100 kills. It is possible to get it for 950 points in Zombies out of the Mystery Box.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The Dragunov was first seen during the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer World Premiere trailer. It is similar to the previous variants, but this time with black, synthetic furniture, and a different scope reticle.


The Dragunov can be found in the mission "Return To Sender".


The Dragunov is similar its previous iterations, being semi automatic with a 10 round magazine. It is unlocked at Level 12. It has an extremely high firecap, same as the Barrett .50cal, but with higher mobility. The Dragunov, however, is less effective than it was in previous installments because it is now only capable of getting a one-shot-kill to the head. However, the Dragunov's recoil is manageable and allows the rifle to be fired quite rapidly. Because of this, the Dragunov fulfills the role of a medium range support weapon, similar to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's M14 EBR, but can be effective out to longer ranges as well.

The ACOG Scope is a useful optic for the Dragunov, as the one-shot-kill area is mediocre and the Dragunov is best used at medium ranges because of the high mobility and moderate recoil. The ACOG Scope allows the player to have a greater degree of peripheral vision and increased accuracy at closer ranges,and when paired with Kick, the Dragunov becomes a very effective marksman weapon, like an MK14 without the damage drop. The only downside to the ACOG Scope is that it causes the Dragunov to lose some long range capability because of the high idle sway of the ACOG Scope, something that can be partly mitigated by the Stability proficiency.

Another possibility is to attach a Thermal Scope to this weapon. The Thermal Scope, besides having a significantly good accuracy (although it is strongly advised that Kick proficiency be used too), increases the Dragunov's range. Once it may be difficult to have a fair combat between a Dragunov player and another sniper rifle with a larger one-shot-kill area, the Thermal Scope makes it simple to find the enemy's head.

The Kick proficiency is useful as the recoil becomes even more manageable, making follow up shots very easy to perform. However, one may also take full advantage of the Dragunov's high mobility by using the Speed proficiency, which will bring its mobility to a submachine guns' level, allowing the player to move to another location quickly to surprise enemies or avoid enemy fire.

The RSASS is often considered to be superior to the Dragunov, sporting a larger magazine, more ammo, and exactly the same damage. The Dragunov's main advantage is the high mobility, as the RSASS's mobility is the same as the Barrett .50cal, AS50 and light machine guns.

The Dragunov, therefore, compared to other sniper rifles, fulfills more of a mid-range battle rifle role, due to its low damage and jumpy recoil at longer ranges. Should one want to employ the Dragunov in a traditional sniper role, there is always the option of going prone. While prone, all sniper rifles receive a considerable reduction to recoil, as well as idle sway.

The Dragunov was buffed in Title Update 16 for the Xbox 360 and the corresponding PlayStation 3 update.[1] Its recoil is now almost entirely vertical, making the necessary follow-up shots much easier to execute. The update put it much more on par with the RSASS.

Special Ops

The Dragunov is available in both Survival and Mission modes.

Mission Mode

The Dragunov is a starting weapon in the Mission Mode challenge "Hit and Run".

Survival Mode

The Dragunov is available in Survival Mode at level 16 and costs $2000. Similar to its multiplayer counterpart, the Dragunov sports high mobility, medium to high recoil (depending on stance), and a decent magazine capacity all which is good for the first few rounds. To take a more mobile approach, equip the ACOG Scope for easier close quarters engagements. However, its performance will suffer when the medium troops arrive, as it will lose its ability to one-shot-kill. At this point it is advised to purchase a new weapon.



  • Kick - Unlocked at weapon level 4.
  • Impact - Unlocked at weapon level 10.
  • Attachments - Unlocked at weapon level 14.
  • Focus - Unlocked at weapon level 18.
  • Speed - Unlocked at weapon level 24.
  • Stability - Unlocked at weapon level 28.


For camouflage pictures, see Dragunov/Camouflage.
For attachment pictures, see Dragunov/Attachments.



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance

The Dragunov makes its appearance again in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance as the Dragunov SVD-63, and retains the similar performance statistics of what its predecessor had. Differences are the fact that it has a different scope reticule with different crosshairs and a blue tinted edge around the scope lens. As in improvement over the Black Ops DS version, it now hold 10 rounds (earlier it only held 5), but as a drawback, a silenced variant no longer exists. And again, although it's a semi-auto firearm, the rate of fire is slowed down to the rate of a bolt action gun.


The Dragunov is rare compared to other weapons used by the Russian forces. It makes a notable appearance in "Running For Cover" when the player must eliminate enemy soldiers at far distance. Otherwise, it is a very rare weapon to find in other campaign missions.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

"Semi-automatic sniper rifle. Effective at long range."
— Description

The Dragunov appears again in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, using the same appearance from the original Call of Duty: Black Ops with the exception of the wooden sections of the gun being green instead of the usual brown. This time it only appears in campaign mode during the 1980s arc of the game but it can still be used in the 2025 arc of the game if selected in the player's loadout.


The Dragunov can be found in the first mission, "Pyrrhic Victory", resting against the shed that contains the Animal Traps. Initially, it comes with a low amount of ammunition, but the player can replenish the ammunition by using the ammo crate right next to the shack as well. The Dragunov is useful for covering Hudson as he carries Woods to safety at the end of the mission. 

The Dragunov can also be found in the mission "Time and Fate" in the climbable tower at the villa. It is ideal for sniping the cartel in opposite side of the courtyard and in the buildings.

The Dragunov is almost always a one-hit kill, unless fired at limbs. It has low recoil and can be fired in quick succession to ensure that targets are killed.



Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified

The Dragunov reappears in Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified.



Call of Duty: Ghosts

The Remote Sniper seen in the campaign level Struck Down is visually a mounted Dragunov fitted with a silencer and a tripod.

Call of Duty: Heroes

The Dragunov is used by Soap in Call of Duty: Heroes.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The Dragunov returns in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as the SVO. It was introduced first to multiplayer on July 21 on Xbox One, and August 20 for PlayStation 4 and PC.[2] To unlock this weapon, the player first needs to receive a variant of it in an Advanced Supply Drop/Supply Drop (note that this must be done to use it in Private Match as well).


Statistically, it is similar to the Atlas 20mm. It is a semi-automatic sniper rifle, firing at a base of 300 RPM, with a one hit kill from the shins up (including the upper arms). The multipliers are different than that of the Atlas 20mm, although this makes little difference unless the target is using Exo Stim, as the Atlas 20mm can one-hit kill Exo Stim users with head, neck, upper torso and arms shots, while the SVO is only able to do that through headshots.

Its idle sway is identical to that of the MORS, and is lower than that of the Atlas 20mm. The Ballistics CPU further decreases the idle sway, making the weapon more accurate. The weapon has very high vertical kick per shot, making rapid fire impractical, despite its high magazine size. The SVO has a base 10-round magazine, the largest in its category. As with all sniper rifles, hipfire accuracy is poor and not recommended unless absolutely necessary

Like all other sniper rifles, its ADS time is 300 milliseconds.

The default scope has the thickest frame of all sniper rifles. The Variable Zoom alleviates this issue, as it uses a separate scope, while the ACOG Scope and the Iron Sights can increase the weapon's effectiveness at close and medium ranges.


Supply Drop Variants

Name Rarity Advantages Disadvantages Notes
Eagle Eye Enlisted Fire Rate: 316 RPM Sprint-out time +10%
Fury Professional Movement speed +2% Fire Rate: 273 RPM
Battleworn Elite Sprint-out time −10%
Idle speed −40%
Fire Rate: 250 RPM
Royalty Elite Same Advantages/Disadvantages as Battleworn
Return to Sender Legendary Sprint-out time −10%
Idle speed −40%


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Some unusable Dragunov sniper rifles can be seen above a weapon locker in the map Nuketown.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

"A soviet workhorse chambered in 7.62mm x 54mmR. This gas-operated semi-automatic sniper rifle allows for rapid followup shots."
— Description

The Dragunov reappears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It is one of the two semi-automatic sniper rifles in the game, the other being the Rytec AMR.


The Dragunov is the most common sniper rifle in the campaign. Dragunovs can be found in the mission "Piccadilly", "Hunting Party", and "The Embassy" equipped with the default scope. A Dragunov with a VLK 3.0x Optic can be retrieved from the final armory in "Proxy War". A Dragunov with a Thermal Dual Power Scope can be retrieved shortly after entering the gas factory in "Into the Furnace". It is generally capable of killing enemies in only one or two shots, and enemies using the PKM will prove valuable sources of ammunition.


The Dragunov has the lowest one-shot kill potential in its class, only capable of upper-torso and above in its maximum damage range and one-shot headshot outside of it. This is more comparable to that of a marksman rifle than a sniper. The saving grace to this damage profile is it has considerably longer range than its faster competitors, the MK2 Carbine and Kar98k, as well as the bonus of coming with a long-range scope by default.

It has the highest fire rate cap out of all the snipers albeit still relatively slow for a semi-auto. Furthermore, it is ill advised to fire the Dragunov at this cap due to the hefty per shot recoil, similar in magnitude to the marksman rifles but magnified due to the high-zoom optics. Unlike most weapons, snipers in Modern Warfare don't perfectly recenter between shots. This means that at longer ranges, tap firing can still kick you off target and requires manual recoil compensation to remain accurate. Despite this, it is far more forgiving for missed shots compared to the MK2 Carbine and Kar98k and recoil isn't troublesome up close.

In terms of handling, the Dragunov bridges the gap between the marksman rifles and snipers. But due to the aforementioned recoil issues, some may find it necessary to use attachments that make the weapon more controllable, which directly reduce the weapon's mobility advantage. The Tac Laser is a ubiquitous attachment to negate the aim down sight speed penalty, but it comes at the downside of revealing your line of sight while aiming. The Dragunov has an ace up its sleeve in the form of the Skeleton Stock and the VLK Lightweight Stock. These work similarly to the Tac Laser with the added benefit of strafing speed and a noticeable increase in idle sway. Since the latter can be eliminated by holding your breath, this con is relatively trivial.

It has the largest magazine capacity in the sniper category, allowing the user to take out multiple targets in rapid succession proven they can control the recoil. This capacity can be easily burned through without careful trigger discipline; thankfully, the reload is still average for snipers, granting a fresh mag with only a few seconds delay. Should the user wish to employ the Dragunov in a double-tapping marksman build, 15 and 20 round mags are available at the cost of the weapon's slightly faster movement speed.











Blueprint Rarity How to obtain
Crimson Ursa Rare Ginger Red Bundle
Chroma Rare Battle Pass Modern Warfare Season 2 Tier 35
Semi-God Epic WMD Bundle
Siberian Tiger Epic Battle Pass Modern Warfare Season 1 Tier 71
Meltdown Epic Cleanup Crew Bundle
Foreign Relations Epic Battle Pass Modern Warfare Season 6 Tier 59
Plague Sore Legendary Multiplayer Mission Best Of The Best
Sell High Legendary Executive Armory IV Bundle
Stone Cold Legendary Marbled Elegance Bundle
Tusk Legendary Battle Pass Modern Warfare Season 2 Tier 89
Solemn Vow Legendary Dystopian Bundle




  • Each incarnation of the weapon has an unusable iron sight mounted on the barrel, except in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, where it can be used.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

  • In multiplayer for the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (DS), the Dragunov is tilted upwards until it has been fired.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

A Dragunov poster.

  • Posters showing a disassembled view of the weapon can be found in the map Salvage.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

The Hammer and Sickle and the numbers.

  • On the scope mount there is a Hammer and Sickle and the number "N126 47". This is can be noticed easier with the Red camouflage applied.
  • In the Create-a-Class display, the magazine goes through the player's arm.
  • The name "115" in "D115 Disassembler" from Zombies, is a reference to Element 115.
  • The Dragunov has the Russian Izhevsk Arsenal logo on the dust cover.
  • The Dragunov is the only one of the four sniper rifles that does not receive double the magazine capacity from Extended Mags, instead getting a standard 50% magazine capacity increase.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  • In third person, when pulling out the Dragunov it will be held by the magazine.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • In Local multiplayer, the player cannot select the SVO in Create-A-Class or when customizing the default loadouts, even if the player has obtained one of its variants through a Supply Drop.
  • In first person view, the SVO lacks the rear sight. This can be fixed when equipping the iron sight attachment.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

  • A Dragunov with the original single render scope view is available via modding.
  • "300136" can be seen etched into the wooden stock.
  • "D05698403" can be seen etched above the trigger.
  • "34D43" can be seen etched into the slide. This is easiest seen while reloading.
  • The scope frame has Cyrillic writing on it. The writing is "ВЫКЛ" and "ВКЛ", which stand for "Off" and "On", respectively.
  • The scope's zoom dials have Cyrillic writing on it. The writing is "вращать", which stands for "rotate".