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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

"Automated drone that will deliver a random care package to your location."
— In-game description

The Drone Package is a scorestreak in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It is a variation of the Care Package, in which this time it is allowed to be called indoors. After achieving 550 score, the player selects a spot on the ground where they want the Drone Package to drop. A ship deploys the package, which hovers slowly to the ground. If marked indoors, a drone will fly in with the Drone Package.

Content Probabilities[]

Perk Chance (%)
Scarab 14.30
UAV 14.78
Counter-UAV 8.70
Vulture 8.70
Trinity Rocket 10.00
Scorchers 7.60
Bombardment 9.40
Shock Sentry 5.90
Warden 7.60
Advanced UAV 4.60
T.H.O.R. 4.60
R-C8 3.70
AP-3X 3.50


Name Image Variant Perks Cost Notes
Fuse Drone Package Fuse IW Explosive Package Variant Perk Icon IW 150Salvage Currency Icon IW
Double Take Drone Package Double Take IW Reroll Variant Perk Icon IW 300Salvage Currency Icon IW
Vault Drone Package Vault IW High Roller Variant Perk Icon IW 450Salvage Currency Icon IW
  • Fuse (Rare): The drone package instead contains a booby trap that explodes when an enemy attempts to open it. Cost is reduced to 425 points.
  • Double Take (Legendary): Allows the drone package to be re-rolled one time, with a lower chance for a high-cost scorestreak.
  • Vault (Epic): Cost increases to 1200 points, but only contains Shock Sentry, Warden, Advanced UAV, T.H.O.R., R-C8, and AP-3X.