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Drowning is an Easter egg song for the Zombies map Voyage of Despair, written by Kevin Sherwood, and sung by Malukah.

It can be activated by shooting four colored coins throughout the map. Their locations are:

  • In the Lower Grand Staircase near the Pack-a-Punch Machine.
  • In the Poop Deck.
  • In the Forecastle on the side of a box under stairs near the Danu Perk Machine.
  • In the Sun Deck on a lifeboat.


Falling slowly
Drifting coldly
When will the night end
So little times gone by 

Lightly drifting down below
snowing and foaming falls
(Falling in form)
Into the midnight
Deep horizon
Beyond the shore where we all go

Shaking, all that's gone
Involutarily awry
(Warily belies)
Intensity of pain 
Incensed in me
A cold flame
A fire, my one way out

Waking inside of a dreamscape 
that shows me the end of my life
A flash before
My eyes restore 
The more painful way that we go

And I drift down 
A little farther down 
Into the great unknown

And holding back from 
Breathing in from
Letting go and giving in I'm

Drowning in silence
Breathing in violence
Dying alone I know you never knew me
I'm sinking all the way down
In darker, deeper, colder water

Drowning and silent
bleeding in violet
dying alone can't even kill this feeling
I'm going all the way under
I'm darker deeper down and drowning

Distance and all that comes 
with it invariably arrive
(Variably alive)
Invent a truth to say 
You sense in me a new way
A why, away without

Convince my I'm not in a nightmare 
I've just seen the end with my minds eye
I clearly see
what looks like me
but without from within like before

And I drift down 
A little further down
Into the great unknown
I'm drowning

Holding back 
the will to breathe and
willing my heart not to beat I'm

Drowning in silence
gasping and violent
Crying and cold I know you never knew me
I'm thinking all the way down
In darker, deeper, freezing water

Drowning and silent 
make me inviolate
dying alone won't even give this meaning
I'm going all the way under
Understand I'm dark deep down and down too deep for you to see

I've fallen 
further than they don't know
how much further I can go

I don't know why
they watch me falling further
knowing nothing, nothing further down

Drown me in silence
damaged and eyeless
rigid and cold I know you never knew me
I hear a far away sound
that's softer, stranger, fainter when we're

Drowning and silent
feighning inviolate
trying to swim against our destination
We're going all the way under 
Understand we're dark deep down and down too deep for you to see
We've fallen down
and now we're drowning deeper down

Its colder even now


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