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An entry in Pvt. Martin's diary.

September 18, 1944
Outside of Strasshof

It seems the Germans moved Major Ingram of the British RAF before we could nab him from the chateau.

Captain Price says he overheard the guards saying he had been moved to a camp near here. Price pinpointed the camp for us, but Captain Foley insisted that he stay behind during the actual rescue.

Our plan is simple. We are busting right through the gate, grabbing the Major and hightailing it out of there. Foley says the only way we can pull this off is if we spend no more than ten minutes in the camp. Otherwise the Jerries are going to have the entire area locked down looking for us.

Dulag IIIAEdit

Dulag IIA - Strasshof, Austria
September 18, 1944
0320 hrs

Captain Foley enters the driver's seat of the truck Harding and Brooks got in the previous mission. He talks to Martin.

Captain Foley: Ok Martin, we're about ready to ram the gate, with less than ten minutes from your first shot to pull this off. Take any longer, they'll be sending someone to rescue us! You take out the front guards, concentrating on the machine gun nests. Once the gate is down, get in there and find the Major. Then rendezvous back at the truck.

Martin runs to the front gate and takes out one of the soldier. A alarm blares over the intercom and a German soldier begins announcing repeatedly over the intercom.

German Soldier: Alert! Intruders in the base! They're inside the base! Repeat! Intruders in the base!

Martin and the other soldiers storm the camp, searching for Major Ingram in each building. They eventually find him in a cell.

Major Ingram: Yanks! Now, there's a spot of luck. Come to collect me, have you?

He opens the cell door and takes a weapon from a dead soldier.

Major Ingram: Lead on lads, no time for handshakes and hellos.

The soldiers fight their way back to the entrance and to the truck they drove in.

Major Ingram: Good show Captain, to you and your boys! Well done, well done!

The level ends.

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