"So, as I was saying... [there are] only two things the Frenchies are any good at, surrendering... and kissin'."
— Cpl. Keith

Corporal Duncan[2] Keith was a British Special Air Service trooper who served under Maj. Ingram and Sgt. Doyle.


"Keith will keep with you alive, but mistake him for an Englishman and you're liable to lose your head - particularly if you happen to be French."
Call of Duty 3 description.

He first participated in a night drop into Nazi-controlled France lead by Ingram along with Doyle. As he drove Doyle to the plane where they were to drop from, he expressed his contempt for the French.

Two hours later, their plane was shot down, and they meet up with Pierre LaRoche of the French Resistance. He keeps expressing his views on the French throughout the entire mission, much to LaRoche's chagrin.

When Major Ingram was captured, tensions flared and Keith accused one of the Resistance members, Marcel of assisting the Germans, showing that his prejudice against the French has reached its peak. Cpl. Keith pushed for a rescue mission for Major Ingram until it was granted, against the advice of the Resistance. Keith and Doyle went on the rescue mission, and was later accompanied by the Resistance. The mission was successful and the joint team saved Major Ingram.

When Isabelle DuFontaine was killed after planting an explosive charge on an Sdkfz 222 armored car, Cpl. Keith comforted Marcel, who took her death hard.

Throughout the campaign, Keith expresses his anger towards the French, even to go as far as referring that France immediately surrendered to Germany during the war. He and Pierre LaRoche often engage in arguments when the Resistance members speak French, as Keith exclaims "Why can't these bloody French speak English!?" as well as saying "Yer' damn right I think you are un collaborator" (saying "un collaborator" in a mock French accent) when Marcel was asking whether that Keith thought that Marcel was a collaborator due to him getting the fuel plant plans. But, when Isabelle is killed, Keith then expresses his sorrow for the French Maquis.

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  • Despite Keith having a lower rank than Doyle, Keith is still the one who gives the orders.

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