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"Constant beam of directed energy. No ammunition but can overheat. Best in class damage."
— In-game description.

The EM1 is a heavy directed-energy weapon in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


The EM1 uses battery-powered technology, essentially providing an infinite amount of ammunition. Under prolonged fire, it can be overheated and cause a depletion of the battery, rendering it unusable for a short amount of time.

The EM1 can prove useful in many close-range gunfights, however overheats very fast if too many "shots" are missed. To aid this weakness somewhat, though, is its extremelyy accurate hipfire reticle, which can even be used at mid ranges. However, its damage profile is very low, and at long ranges, the recoil can greatly hinder accuracy. However, this weapon excels at mid-ranges, and is very viable under many circumstances with the right attachments.

Foregrip can lower the recoil to more manageable levels, and is by far one of the most useful attachments. Heat sink increases time before it overheats, and is again extremely useful. Another useful attachment is stock, as the low damage can be remedied by the extra movement and accuracy. Opticals are much less useful, as it has a built-in sight that is clear and precise, often freeing up an attachment slot for the above mentioned attachments.


Supply Drop Variants

  • Pwner [Elite] (Damage +2, Mobility +1, Accuracy -1, Fire Rate -1, Handling -1) (Purple Beam)
  • Polar Vortex [Elite] (Handling +2, Fire Rate +1, Mobility -3) (Green Beam)
  • The End [Professional] (Range +2, Accuracy -1, Handling -1)
  • Sweet Dreams [Professional] (Accuracy +1, Fire Rate -1, integrated sight) (Yellow Beam)
  • The Last Laugh (Accuracy +2, Fire Rate -2)
  • M-Coil [Enlisted] (Accuracy +1, Damage -1) (Blue Beam)
  • LEL (Damage +1, Accuracy -1) (Blue Beam)
  • Dimension (Mobility +1, Overheats Sooner?) (Red Beam)
  • Vera [Marksman (300 kills)] (Fire Rate +1, Range +1, Damage -2) (Yellow Beam)
  • Quantum [Advanced Arsenal pre-order / Season Pass bonus] (Red Beam)


For attachment images, see EM1/Attachments.
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