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Eder Dam is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty 3.

Overview Edit

Eder Dam is a very open map with a giant bridge running down the middle. Because of its massive size, jeeps play a huge role in almost every gametype. Players may operate jeeps, as either driver, passenger or gunner. The driver may not use any weapons, but he can run over the enemy, causing instant death. The passenger may use any weapons he is carrying, albeit with a limited firing arc. The gunner uses the jeep's turreted .50 cal. machine gun, a devastating weapon with excellent range and firepower; however, the gunner is dangerously exposed and cannot move quickly. Jeeps can sometimes be used in a "suicide attack" on a highly-concentrated group of enemies; they will often fire at the incoming vehicle, which then explodes at close range. The use of sniper rifles or semi-automatic sniper rifles is good for the type of long range fighting across the spawns, the river and the bridge. Automatic rifles and submachine guns can also be used because of the close confines of the bridge, but sniper rifles and semi-automatics can be used to some effect in the bridge. Light machine guns can be deadly if set up on or in the bridge or in windows by choke points to the German's spawn right flank.


There are several structures that can be used for cover, including a small bunker complex and a two story building, but much of the action generally centers on the partially-destroyed bridge. The Allies spawn in a small motor shack in a small wooded area near the bridge. The Allies spawn allows the player to choose many dynamic routes, the bridge; a great position for snipers, a small pathway that runs to the Dam. or from the Players can fight not only on top of the bridge, but inside of it as well, in a maintenance shaft ideal for trench-guns used by Medics. On the opposite end of the bridge is a small barn, which is the Axis spawn. On the more forested side of Eder Dam, there are two small buildings and a small wooden bridge, this area goes downhill and is mostly open. Players can fight not only on top of the bridge, but inside of it as well, in a maintenance shaft ideal for trenchguns used by Medics. Several concrete buildings across from the bridge allow great vantage points for picking off enemies crossing paths toward the Dam.


Trivia Edit

  • On the PS2 version, the small building on the concrete road has doors blocking entrance. On the Xbox version however, these doors are removed and texture is added inside the building.

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