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The Egyptian Army is a friendly faction in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. They appear in all Egypt-based levels as well as POWs in the level Black Ops.

When the team first arrives in Egypt, due to Javier Ramirez releasing the information about Winslow Accord weak points on the internet, the Army is severely crippled and only a handful of troops and supplies are still available.

While in Egypt, Taylor comments that they are impressed at the army's morale and how they fight on despite the very dire situation at hand, Kane eventually comments that hopefully the Winslow Accord would provide the support that the Egyptians need the same way the team was supported by them.

Eventually the Winslow Accord fulfills the support that Kane had hoped, deploying the Cyber-Ops unit and a team of Winslow Accord Special Forces led by John Taylor and Jacob Hendricks respectively, to rescue Prime Minister Said and Lt. Khalil and other Egyptian POWs from an airfield controlled by NRC forces.


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