The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 2.

El Alamein is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

El Alamein is a widely favored map in Call of Duty 2's multiplayer. It takes place at night, and one of the few Call of Duty 2 maps to do so. Trench Guns and other close combat weapons are recommended here, as there are many small dugouts, the player can shoot enemies while passing through them. In the center of the map lies a large bunker in which players get spawn-killed often. There is also (on the West side of the map) a large pit in which many German players snipe from the corner of.

British soldiers have strong points in the West too, as there is a large hill where they begin at which can be used to snipe from. Grenades are extremely useful in the trenches, as they can funnel out many enemies which one can see beforehand. On the east side of the map is a tank, which a few players (occasionally) snipe from.

In the center of the map is a German bunker, with a top full of small walls to help snipers kill enemies near and far from them. Few players make use of the underground tunnels, as they can be easily killed by a grenade. Its best usage is for hiding the flag from enemies in Capture the Flag mode. Overall, El Alamein is great for snipers or trench gunners and even submachine gunners, as the map provides great uses for them. It contains many hiding bushes, tanks, walls, or sandbags for sniping, and its trenches are perfect for players who favor close-quarters combat.

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