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An Elder God is a variant of Apothicon and rank within the Dark Aether that was introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops III in a cipher from Shadows of Evil, and later physically in the map Revelations. They appeared again in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in the intro of Alpha Omega and within Tag der Toten. A non-Apothicon variant known as an Orda in within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War within the intel for the map Die Maschine, as well as making an appearance out of map in an easter egg. An Elder God also makes a physical appearance in Firebase Z.


The Cycle

In the Beginning

The Elder Gods, like all Apothicons, were formerly Keepers - ancient manifestations of the Ancients responsible for creating and safeguarding all of creation. However, when a group of Keepers journeyed into the Dark Aether, they became corrupted by it's evil influence after discovering Divinium and began a war against their former Keeper brethren. However, they lost this war and were banished by the Keepers to the Dark Aether as punishment for their crimes. However, this would not last, as the Apothicons soon discovered a way to free themselves from their seemingly eternal damnation.

The Great War

The Apothicons managed to free themselves from the clutches of the Dark Aether, transporting themselves to Earth in order to consume it. However, the Keepers returned to once again fight their sworn enemies alongside humanity. At some point during the War, an Elder God was defeated, with it's corpse finding it's way beneath the ocean. The Great War ended when 4 strange, powerful knights defeated the Apothicon forces, each wielding an Elemental Staff. Soon after, the Apothicons were once again banished by the Keepers into the Dark Aether. The Apothicons would again devise a plot to escape the Dark Aether and return to Agartha, this time deciding to send meteors contained with Divinium to different Dimensions. One of these meteors landed in the Rising Sun facility in the original timeline, and another in the trenches of World War I France in Dimension 63.

Agarthan Device

In 1885, after being instructed by the Keepers to build the Pack-a-Punch Machine, Jebediah Brown was told to construct an object known as the Agarthan Device, which had the ability to both grant the user's every desire, as well as to open and close worlds. One of the components of this Agarthan Device was the blood of an Elder God.


In the 1960's, the corpse of an Elder God was discovered lying dormant beneath the ocean by the Ascension Group, where it's blood was extracted and contained aboard the Soviet ship known as the Tugarin. It was then brought to Siberia and experimented until it eventually broke containment, causing a zombie outbreak and killing all of the personnel on the ship.

Second War of Agartha

Soon after Primis and the Summoning Key's arrival to the Agarthan House, the Shadowman, an emissary of the Apothicons, was accidentally released by Ludvig Maxis by interacting with the Summoning Key. Immediately after, the Shadowman summoned the Apothicon Sun in Agartha, transforming and teleporting it into space, beginning a Second War of Agartha. Many Apothicons were involved in the invasion of the Aether, including the Elder Gods. However, thanks to the work of Primis, Maxis, and Sophia, the Elder Gods and their Apothicon kin were once again banished from Agartha forever.

Breaking the Cycle

The Way Through

After the cycle was broken by Primis Nikolai, he, alongside Ultimis Richtofen awakened Victis, who remained cryogenically frozen beneath Alcatraz, in order to transport them to Siberia to construct the Agarthan Device. There, they managed to find the Apothicon Blood of the Elder God, which assisted them in creating the Seal of Duality. The blood accepted that it must merge itself with the Device, stating that the duality between the Keepers and the Apothicons needed to be resolved. After the Seal of Duality was built, the Apothicons (including the Elder Gods) and Keepers were merged back into one species again for the first time since the Apothicons' initial corruption by the Dark Aether. Shortly after, the Summoning Key was destroyed and the Agarthan Device was used to create a new universe separate from the Aether's influence, banishing everything else in the Multiverse, including the Apothicons, to the Dark Aether once again.

Dark Aether Story

Place Below Creation

At some point after the banishment of the multiverse into the Dark Aether, various creatures trapped within would morph into gigantic, fog-wandering creatures that would become known as "Elder Gods", similar to how many of the corrupted Keepers became Elder Gods after their banishment into the Dark Aether previously.


A man known as "The Stranger" who is currently trapped in the Dark Aether noted in his personal log entries that he witnessed something extremely tall walking through the forest. He would overhear others within the Dark Aether mention these giants, with one noting that they were the "elder gods". It also turns out that the Elder Gods are fighting amongst themselves as the Stranger discovered one of them dead.

Projekt Endstation

An Orda was spotted within the Dark Aether mirror of the Projekt Endstation facility in Morasko, Poland, walking through the forest and knocking down trees as it walked.

Outpost 25

At some point, an Orda managed to escape from the Dark Aether via a gateway at a Omega Group outpost in Vietnam designated Outpost 25. After the capture of Samantha Maxis, who went to the site to meet a contact in Omega Group who knew what they were planning. Samantha Maxis would soon be captured, and Requiem was sent to Outpost 25 to rescue her. At some point during their mission at the Outpost, Requiem came into contact with an Orda which attempted to attack the Aether reactors in the facility. Despite the Orda's abilities and gargantuan size, Requiem was able to defeat the Elder God. After saving Samantha Maxis, the Elder God came back for a final fight. But Requiem defeated it again..


The Elder Gods are extremely large creatures, bearing a massive, wide mouth which is surrounded by many sharp teeth. They do not possess any limbs besides various tentacle-like appendages around their body, but make up for this by being able to fly. The "Elder God", known as the Orda, that later appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are vastly different, taking on a still large but humanoid form. Various body parts which appear to be from human remains appear across the Elder God, such as heads and legs.


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