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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode

The Electric Fence is a trap featured in the Extinction mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

It costs $500 ($750 at the Cabin) to activate. (As low as $300 in solo)

Electric Fences usually come in one of two styles: an electrified fence, or electrifying a body of water that has fallen wires in it. It's usually not possible to touch the former, but one can easily walk in the latter. Electric Fences can hurt the user, so be mindful not to walk where Electric Fences are. Engineers receive no damage from traps with sufficient upgrading of the class, so players can take advantage of specific Electric Fences by simply standing near or on top of them, although the player's screen will flash white when standing in an Electric Fence trap regardless of whether or not the player takes damage from it.

Electric Fences will spark when active. The Electric Fence, when purchased, is only active for a set time, and the user will declare an Electric Fence to be active when it is purchased. The Electric Fence will expire quicker if it is dealing damage compared to an Electric Fence that isn't dealing a lot of damage, if any. When the set time of the Electric Fence runs out, the person who bought that specific Electric Fence will get a text notification on their screen alerting them that a fence has gone offline (it will not say what specific fence went offline), and the Electric Fence will make a distinct audible noise indicating that it has shut off. Should the Electric Fence under the control of a sufficiently upgraded Engineer go offline having done little damage, the Engineer will be financially compensated for the trap.

Electric Fences are a cheap, inexpensive way to kill Scouts early on, usually killing them instantly. They are also devastatingly effective against Seekers, usually killing them instantly as well. Anything bulkier than those two types of Cryptids usually won't die outright to an Electric Fence unless they are exposed to the Electric Fence for a very prolonged period of time, but they will suffer chip damage, which will enable players to finish off afflicted Cryptids more quickly. Traps initiated by Engineers with sufficient upgrade levels can kill Hunters and Scorpions with ease. The Electric Fence is also subject to the Arcing Stun Armory upgrade when applicable, making a trap capable of killing a nearby Cryptid should another Cryptid run into an Electric Trap.

Electric Fences compete with Fire Traps most of the time. Compared to Fire Traps, Electric Fences tend to cover a smaller area and don't deal afterburn damage, but they are usually more lethal and more capable of afflicting relevant chip damage. Due to the widespread use of Incendiary Ammo and/or Cryptid Slayer Ammo, Fire Traps are not very popular to begin with, seeing how one's own ammo can accomplish much the same effect.

The most effective way to use Electric Fences is to use those that block paths that Cryptids will take towards the objective. A good number of Cryptids will walk straight into the Electric Fences in their pursuit of the objective, making these Electric Fences work extremely well. Most Cryptids that can walk will be susceptible to the Electric Fence. Bigger Electric Fence traps - such as the body of water near the last hive on Point of Contact - prove to be exceptionally useful due to the large area of effect that afflicts Cryptids. Electric Fences can also serve as a great means of defending a Sentry Gun, as the Sentry Gun will naturally lure more Scouts and Hunters to the Sentry Gun's position. Placing a Sentry Gun in a spot where Cryptids will get shocked will protect the Sentry Gun effectively while also increasing the effectiveness of the trap.

Not all Electric Fences are created equal, and one does not have to purchase every single Electric Fence to get good mileage out of the traps. Like other traps, Engineers get more money back and more damage dealt with traps when upgraded enough, but one also does not need to be an Engineer to use the Electric Fence well, although one should let an Engineer enable the traps should one be present.

If a Rhino spawns near an Electric Fence, that Electric Fence tends to go offline very quickly after the Rhino spawns in. There are very few relevant places where this can happen, but it can happen most notably on the last hive of Point of Contact, since an eligible spawn point for the Rhino is right next to the Electric Fence's body of water.


Point of Contact

Gil's Lodge Motel

  • The front entrance the parking lot
  • The back entrance the parking lot


  • Between the two buildings in the center (Labeled an Electric Trap)
  • Between the parking lot & the road
  • Between the parking lot & the road
  • Behind the building to the right of the Barrier Hive


  • To the left of the entrance to the impacted area (Labeled an Electric Trap)
  • On the edge of the cabin, next to the stairs
  • Opposite the barn (3 in a line)
  • The lamppost on the hill


First area

  • In the back right corner (Near a hive spawn)



  • 2 traps on upper central platform, generators to switch them on are on the ground


Cargo Bay

Deck Area

​Indoor Area


First Area

After first barrier



Gas Station


Any Means necessary (40 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Get 50 kills with the electric fence and fire traps in a single game.