The Elefant (or Panzerjäger Tiger (P)) is a German heavy tank destroyer based on the Tiger P tank.

Call of Duty: United Offensive Edit

The Elefant appears in Call of Duty: United Offensive in the campaign mission "Trenches", where the player must use explosives to blow up three tank destroyers. Also, the Elefant is in "Kursk", where a few of them assist several Panzer IV and Tiger tanks, and "Kharkov 1", where the player is ordered to spot out an artillery strike for a soldier. The Elefant also appears in multiplayer, in limited numbers however.

The Elefant is the German's counter to the SU-152. It has incredible health, being able to resist many tank shots before being destroyed. Its cannon can take out a T-34 or Panzer IV in one shot. However, it's very slow, it's cannon is horribly inaccurate past short range and the cannon can't be moved independently of the treads (although the Elefants in the campaign have rotating cannons), as such the player is forced to turn the whole vehicle around to aim.

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