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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
"The ancient texts describe an artifact known to them as the Amplification Rod. It is my firm belief this item is instrumental to harnessing the energy of the elemental stones. Unfortunately, neither the rod nor the stones have been recovered from any of our dig sites. I feel we must push forward regardless. As such, I have drawn up plans to create replica rods based on the descriptions from the main chamber. I will instruct Richtofen to begin fabrication immediately."
— Maxis talks about the elemental staffs

Primis hold the staffs in the Great War.

The Elemental Staffs are buildable Wonder Weapons that appear in the Zombies map Origins in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. They also make a brief appearance in Shadows of Evil and Revelations in Black Ops III. They are used by Primis in the Great War.

The staffs consist of two main parts, the Amplification Rod, which is the staff itself, and the elemental stones, which is the crystal appearing in the end of the staffs. Only by combining the two together can the true power of the staffs be revealed. In Origins, parts of the Amplification Rod can be found scattered around the map, and the elemental stones are located in the crazy place.

In the Great War, Primis used the staffs as weapons. In a cipher, Pablo describes Primis as "four knights with magical elemental staves", saving him from death by decimating a Margwa. Primis can be seen fighting with the staffs alongside the Keepers and crusaders against the zombies and the Apothicons on the Shadows of Evil wall run. In another cipher, it said about Primis and the staffs: "After the Great Battle, they stood upon the mound. Their light shone down and cleansed all the sickness for as far as the eye could see." The original staffs will then become lost as Primis.

In Dimension 63, Maxis uses the information he finds in Pablo's journal and the main tomb chamber to create schematics of the staffs (seen in Origins). Maxis instructs Richtofen to build replica staffs. During Origins, Samantha asks Primis to build and upgrade the replica staffs so that they could free her from Agartha. Richtofen on his side at first builds the staffs as he knows they will help protect him. However, he succumbs to Samantha's demands and uses the staffs to reach Agartha against his true will. A repeated quote of Richtofen from Origins (and later in more maps, in different variations) goes: "I must work quickly, there is so much to do, a vessel for Maxis, the staffs, the opening of the gateway."

The Four Elemental Staffs

The four Staffs included in the map are as follows:

Part Locations




  • The upgraded staffs are all named after deities of the following mythologies:
    • The Staff of Lightning (Kimat's Bite) is named after Kimat, the Dog of the Tinguian God, Kadaklan.
    • The Staff of Fire (Kagutsuchi's Blood) is named after the Japanese God of Fire, Kagutsuchi.
    • The Staff of Ice (Ull's Arrow) is named after Ull (more commonly known as Ullr), a Norse God commonly associated with winter.
    • The Staff of Wind (Boreas' Fury) is named after Boreas, the Greek God of the North Wind.
    • Sekhmet's Vigor, the end part of the staff used to instantly revive a downed player, is named after Sekhmet, the Egyptian warrior Goddess of healing
  • Once upgraded, all of the Staffs have a different weapon switch animation that has a longer duration.
  • The ammo of the elemental staffs increase by three shots in the order:
    • Wind: 3 shots.
    • Ice: 6 shots.
    • Fire: 9 shots.
    • Lightning: 12 shots.
    • When the elemental staffs are upgraded, this number of shots increases by three, except for the lightning staff, which gains six more shots.
  • After upgrading the staffs, blades come out of the top of each staff. This is easily seen on the Staff of Ice.
  • The staffs can be seen in the map Revelations, in the Kino der Toten section of the map, being wielding by cardboard cutouts of Primis. They can also be seen in the ending cutscene for Revelations.
  • If the player views themselves in third person while meleeing with an upgraded staff, they'll see the player use their knife and not the staff that they have.