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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
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When a duck swims on the water, you only see it glide...
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"That one wasn't so ba-- It's revolting."
Edward Richtofen

"The Chemist said I should not worry about negative side effects. Uhnlesh mah tongue goesh numbsh, I shoulmd bshe fimme."
Diego Necalli

Elixirs are a feature introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies, replacing the GobbleGums from Call of Duty: Black Ops III. They are equipped in the menu using Create-A-Class, with up to 4 Elixirs being equipped to a class. Elixirs can be utilised within a match by pressing the corresponding button associated with the Elixir, which will cause the character to pull out the bottle and drink the concoction, activating the effects while placing the drunk Elixir on cooldown; also consuming a bottle if the Elixir used is not a Classic or Whimsical.


Elixirs are primarily divided into two primary styles, ones earnt via levelling and the ones brought by Nebulium Plasma. Within these as well, Elixirs are broken down into 6 rarities in total.


  • Classic:  - Earnt via levelling, infinite uses.
  • Whimsical: - Comical Elixirs that provide no advantage, infinite uses.


  • Common: - The most common Elixir type.
  • Rare: - The second most common Elixir type.
  • Legendary: - The second rarest Elixir type.
  • Epic: - The rarest Elixir type.



Always Done Swiftly (Instant activation, lasts 5 minutes)

  • Walk faster when aiming down sights. Raise and lower your weapon to aim more quickly.

Anywhere But Here (Instant Activation)

  • Instantly teleport to a random location. A concussive blast knocks away any nearby zombies keeping you safe.

Burned Out (Instant activation, lasts 3 hits)

  • The next time you take melee damage, nearby zombies burst into fire.

Equip Mint (Instant Activation)

  • Refreshes cooldown on equipment.

Head Scan (Instant activation, lasts 2 minutes)

  • Headshots have a chance to Instakill.

Temporal Gift (Instant activation, lasts 5 minutes)

  • Power-ups last longer.

Aftertaste (Instant activation, lasts 5 minutes or 1 down)

  • Keep all perks when being revived.

Point Drops (Instant Activation)

  • Drop 500 of your points as a power-up.

Anti-Entrapment (Instant activation, lasts 30 seconds)

  • Immune to player initiated trap damage.

Nowhere But There (Instant Activation)

  • Teleport to a downed player's location.

Now You See Me (Instant Activation)

  • All zombies will chase you for 15 seconds.

Arsenal Accelerator (Instant activation, lasts 5 minutes)

  • Charge your special weapon faster.

Pop Shocks (Auto activates when melee attacking zombies, 5 melees)

  • Melee attacks instantly trigger an electrostatic discharge, electrocuting nearby zombies.

Stock Option (Instant activation, lasts 2 minutes)

  • Ammo is taken from your stockpile instead of your weapon's magazine.


Newtonian Negation (Activates Immediately, lasts 25 minutes) 

  • Zombies killed fall straight up.

Quacknarok (Instant activation, lasts 5 minutes)

  • Zombies wear a duck float, but it doesn't help anything.


Bullet Boost (Instant activation)

  • Applies or re-rolls an AAT to your current weapon (if supported). Weapon damage is not affected.

Ctrl-Z (Instant activation, lasts 30 seconds)

  • Turns zombies near you into allies. (Max 2)

Dead of Nuclear Winter (Instant Activation)

  • Spawns a Nuke power-up.

In Plain Sight (Instant Activation)

  • You are ignored by Zombies for 10 seconds.

Licensed Contractor (Instant Activation)

  • Spawns a Carpenter power-up.

Phantom Reload (Instant activation, lasts 4 minutes)

  • Sometimes reloading does not use ammo.

Sword Flay (Instant activation, lasts 1 minute)

  • Melee attacks deal zombies 5x as much damage.

Who's Keeping Score? (Instant Activation)

  • Spawns a Double-Points power-up.


Alchemical Antithesis (Instant activation, lasts 1 minute)

  • Every 10 points carried is instead awarded 1 ammo in the stock of current weapon.

Blood Debt (Instant activation, lasts 1 minute)

  • Instead of losing health, you lose points. Amount lost increases each time you are hit until max amount is hit. If you have 0 points, you die.

Extra Credit (Instant Activation)

  • Spawns a personal 1250 point power-up.

Immolation Liquidation (Instant Activation)

  • Spawns a Fire Sale power-up.

Kill Joy (Instant Activation)

  • Spawns an Insta-Kill power-up.

Shields Up (Instant Activation)

  • Gives you a new shield.

Talkin' Bout Regeneration (Instant activation, lasts 4 minutes)

  • Your health constantly regenerates while moving.


Cache Back (Instant activation)

  • Spawns a Max Ammo power up.

Dividend Yield (Instant activation, lasts 5 minutes)

  • Some of the points you earn create additional bonus points for you and all other nearby players.

Free Fire (Instant activation, Lasts 30 seconds)

  • Fire weapons without using up bullets.

Perk Up (Instant Activation)

  • Gain 4 additional random Perks that are not in your loadout. Will not stack with itself.

Power Keg (Instant Activation)

  • Spawns a Full Power power-up.

Wall to Wall Clearance (Instant activation, Lasts 30 seconds)

  • Wall buy Fire Sale.

Undead Man Walking (Instant activation, lasts 1 minute)

  • Slow down all zombies to a shambling speed.


Head Drama (Activates immediately, lasts 5 minutes)

  • Any bullet which hits a zombie will damage its head.

Shopping Free (Activates immediately, lasts 1 minute)

  • All purchases are free.

Reign Drops (Instant Activation)

  • Spawns one of each of the nine core power ups.

Phoenix Up (Instant Activation)

  • Revives all teammates. Teammates keep all Loadout Perks after being revived.

Near Death Experience (Activates Immediately, lasts 10 minutes or 5 revives)

  • Revive, or be revived, simply by being near other players. Revived players keep all Loadout Perks after being revived.

Conflagration Liquidation (Instant Activation)

  • Spawns a Bonfire Sale power-up.

Join the Party (Instant Activation)

  • All players in spectate will spawn in immediately and all downed players will be immediately revived. Will not restore lost Perks.

Perkaholic (Activates immediately)

  • Receive all Loadout Perks and six random, extra perks that are not in your loadout. Will not stack with itself.

Refresh Mint (Instant Activation)

  • Refreshes the cooldowns for Equipment, Perks, and Special Weapons for your entire time.

Suit Up (Instant Activation)

  • You and other nearby players get full Armor which lasts until destroyed.

Wall Power (Auto-Activates on your next wall buy gun purchase)

  • The next gun bought off a wall comes Pack-A-Punched.



  • Within the Chaos Story dialogue, it is revealed that Elixirs are a creation of Stanton Shaw as a means of aiding his allies within combat.
    • However, it is unknown who crafted the Elixirs within the Aether storyline.