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"My name is Doctor Elizabeth Grey, head of Unnatural Sciences, and this is about as unnatural a Sunday as I can remember. Normally about now I'd be sitting in my lab in Bristol, having a good natter with Pip and Sam, two macaques I work with, over a nice cup of tea... Then, just BAM - this whole thing happens."
— Elizabeth Grey

Doctor Elizabeth Grey is a character featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode. Member of Requiem, Grey is the head of the Unnatural Sciences at the organization.


Early Life

Not much is known about Grey's early life, other than she was born to Liz Grey and had previously worked in her laboratory in Bristol.



On November 5th, 1983, the CIA "Office of Requiem" was formed. Along with Mackenzie Carver and Oskar Strauss, Grey would be recruited into their ranks. She would be drafted into the group by the British government to serve as their representative while she served as Requiem's Head of Unnatural Sciences.

Operation Cerberus

On November 13th, Requiem launched Operation Cerberus at the abandoned Projekt Endstation facility to deactivate the ongoing dimensional breach originating from the facility in an attempt to quell the other worldwide breaches from the Dark Aether. Grey, along with the other heads of Requiem, contacted the Requiem strike-team through radio comms. She would speak about her recruitment as well as motivations in her time at Requiem. She notes her hopes to utilize Aetherium for good, and that Aetherium could provide humanity with the tools to grow as a society, and possibly end war.

Operation Lost Property

In the months following Operation Cerberus, Requiem had yet to catch up to Omega Group's research of Aetherium and the Dark Aether. In June 1984, Requiem learned from Omega Group double agent Sergei Ravenov that Requiem's agent Samantha Maxis was captured and being held at Outpost 25, the primary center of Omega Group's research. Grey was present in a meeting between herself, Carver, Strauss, and Special Officer Grigori Weaver as they discussed the opportunity of a mission at Outpost 25 to recover any Omega Group research and rescue Maxis from William Peck, the head of Outpost 25. On June 15th, Operation Lost Property is launched by Requiem's strike team, proving to be massively successful as they managed to rescue Maxis and leave the site with critical information of Omega Group's work with Aetherium.

After Samantha was rescued and returned to Requiem HQ, she was placed under quarantine due to her exposure to the Dark Aether. Grey specifically got a hold of a photo of Maxis, and wrote a note detailing that she was excited to speak with her but confessed to being intimidated. She, along with the other heads of Requiem, each visited Maxis and questioned her about her time in the Dark Aether.

Operation Threshold

To further close the gap in the Aetherium Arms Race between themselves and Omega Group, Requiem launch Operation Threshold, an ongoing mission in the world's largest Outbreak Zone at the Ural Mountains to perform various military and scientific tasks to surpass Omega Group's work in Aetherium research and weapon development. During this time, Grey tasks the strike team with sampling and defending an undead specimen within a Dark Aether Specimen Analyzer, or "DASA" (to run field tests on undead anatomy, attempting to identify the root stimuli of infection and prevent them.), as well as escorting a Requiem rover to a Dark Aether rift (to further understand how Aetherium can change living beings on a molecular level).

During Operation Threshold, she mused on the origins of the beacon utilized by Requiem to traverse the outbreak zones, as well as the beverage machines. She pointed out that neither her or anyone else in Requiem could note where they came from, and theorized someone was sending them through the Dark Aether to assist Requiem. Her theory would prove to be correct, as Kazimir Zykov, a Russian trapped for decades in the Dark Aether, revealed himself to Requiem.

Operatsiya Inversiya

In November, Grey secretly met with Samantha once again (at her request). There, Samantha asked Grey for access to her comms protocols so that she could contact the Requiem strike team. While there, she met Samantha's pet rottweiler, Notso. She would come to agree to letting Samantha use her comms. On November 16th, Maxis, Ravenov, and the Requiem strike team went rogue and sabotaged Omega Group's inversion warheads, going behind Weaver and the Director of Requiem's backs.

The Requiem Senior Staff would hold a meeting afterwards, where Grey was present to defend Maxis' actions. After the meeting, she would be confronted by a furious Weaver who knew about her involvement with the affair. He chastised her, but let her know that none of their superiors knew about her role in Maxis' operation. Sparing her the possibility of punishment, Weaver simply let her off with a warning to never cross him again.

Operation Excision

On December 14th, the Requiem strike team was tricked by Omega Group member Hugo Jager into being captured by Colonel Lev Kravchenko. After this occurred, Grey met with Strauss to ask him any information he knew about the strike team's status, and to see where he was at regarding his research with the Aetherium Neutralizer. Strauss stated there were benefits to entering and exiting the Dark Aether safely, but made a comparison to those residing within the other dimension, asking Grey if she thought that they had harnessed similar powers, and if they were on their way. She then left, sarcastically calling him a "bag of laughs" and went to bed.

On January 19th, 1985, Grey wrote a memorandum to the other heads of Requiem and Weaver asking where her robot, Klaus, had gone. She talked about the Director tasking her with the creation of Klaus, and telling whoever "stole" the robot that if they thought it was ready to use in the field, that they had "bitten off more they can chew", thanks to Klaus' weak grasp of human interaction. Weaver got back to Grey, telling her to delete any record of the memorandum. He also informed her that the Director himself had taken Klaus for use in Berlin and that something was happening.

Incursion in Berlin

Later in January, Aleksandra Valentina, member of Omega Group, opened a portal to the Dark Aether in Berlin using instructions left behind from her father Ulrich Vogel forty years prior. An outbreak zone appeared in Berlin, with an undead Nazi task force known as Task Force: Baldr appearing from the portal. Fortunately, Requiem managed to evacuate Berlin.

In February, during Maxis' time in Block 8, the Director of Requiem coaxed Maxis into killing an Omega Group soldier with her powers by threatening to have Grey killed while she slept.

On February 2nd, the captured Requiem strike team was deployed by Kravchenko into Berlin to stop Valentina and prevent her Dark Aether army from entering their world. They succeeded, killing Valentina and using Klaus to close the portal by detonating an inversion warhead in the Dark Aether.

Operation First Domino

After Valentina's defeat, outbreak zones in Algeria and the North Atlantic appeared, with the Requiem strike team being deployed to take care of it. During this, Grey sent another radio transmission while walking Notso to the Requiem strike team talking about Maxis being in Block 8. She pondered about Maxis' powers, giving her praise for staying strong.

Weaver called in the Requiem senior staff (including Grey) to a meeting to discuss the events that transpired in Berlin. He also talked about The Forsaken and his imminent invasion from the Dark Aether into their world. Weaver then told the senior staff that freeing Kazimir Zykov would be in their best interests, using him as a potential ally against the Forsaken.

After an emotional final meeting with Maxis where the latter revealed she viewed Grey as "more than just a friend", she, Weaver and the Director of Requiem agreed to authorize Maxis to provide infil for the Requiem strike-team. The Requiem Senior Staff served as a witness to the final battle between the Forsaken and Requiem, with Samantha sacrificing herself by flying into the Dark Aether portal within the Forsaken. Afterwards, as part of the Director's plan for Project Janus, Grey was arrested by military police along with the rest of Requiem's Senior Staff.



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