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"Embedded" is the third campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.



Laswell informs Price that Al-Qatala claiming responsibility for the attack in London and that Alex is in Urzikstan looking for the stolen chemicals. Price states that Alex will need some help from Urzikstan Liberation Force and to contact their CO. Price states that he well acquainted with their leader, Farah Karim and use his name or they will kill him. Urzikstan Liberation Force is seen taking Alex to their base and Farah asks Alex about the message from Captain Price and Alex tells her that 48 hours ago, Al-Qatala stole a shipment of Russian gas and needs help tracking it down. Farah's brother, Hadir enters the room and Farah introduces Alex to Hadir. Farah then states that Russian occupation in Urzikstan must end and Farah stated that they will only help Alex if he helps them fight the Russians. Alex agrees to help them and follows them to the tunnels. Farah tells Alex that they have intel that the Russian troop commanders are in town today and plans on ambushing them by using explosives to pull security away from the Russian air base so they can attack the base. Hadir gave Alex the explosive and follows Farah out of the tunnel. Farah greeted Tariq and tells him that Alex is trustworthy in helping them. Farah tells Alex to put a disguise on. Tariq tells Farah that the Russian troops are all over the place and will not hesitate to shoot anyone with weapons.

They infiltrated the area, swarming with Russians, disguising as workers. Farah went on assassinating the lone Russian soldiers while Alex infiltrates the area. They met where the helicopters landed. She tasked Alex to plant the explosives on the helicopters. He detonated the bombs, alerting the Russians. They used the distraction as cover. They returned to the tunnel, but Tariq is dead.

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting loadout
Found in level


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  • Play Dead (25 Gamerscore) - Kill all the enemies in the 'Embedded' field of dead bodies.
  • Companion Block (40 Gamerscore) - Only use one cinder block and bring it to the end of 'Embedded'.


  • It is possible to kill every single soldier seen during the length of the mission without resulting in a mission failure, this allows the player to effectively skip the helicopter destruction sequence.
  • In the room right before where the civilians are being hanged, a suppressed P90 is on top of the bathroom sink, and has a different recoil pattern than the P90 in other modes.
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