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The Empire of Japan (Japanese: 大日本帝國), officially known as the Greater Japanese Empire and more commonly referred to as Imperial Japan, was the political entity that ruled over the country now known as Japan from the Meiji restoration in 1868 to the Empire's defeat at the hand of the Allies during World War II in 1945.

Call of Duty: World at WarEdit

The Empire of Japan is the primary antagonistic foe faced by Pvt. C. Miller and the Marine Raiders in Call of Duty: World at War. The Imperial Japanese Army is the main foe faced, appearing in "Semper Fi", "Little Resistance", "Hard Landing", "Burn 'em Out" , "Relentless", "Blowtorch & Corkscrew" and "Breaking Point". The Imperial Japanese Navy, the maritime branch of the Japanese military, appears in "Black Cats" and is the only enemy the player faces as P.O. Locke.

A fictious faction of the Empire of Japan appears in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: World at War and to those who bought Rezurrection or the Hardened or Prestige editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The Imperial Zombies are dead Imperial Japanese Army soldiers brought back to life as zombies by the effects of Element 115. The Imperial Zombies share many charactaristics of their counterparts the Nazi Zombies, but only appear in the map Shi No Numa. A playable character, Takeo Masaki, is also an officer in the Imperial Japanese Army, who appears in both World at War and Black Ops.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIEdit

Takeo Masaki is sent on behalf of the Empire to investigate the Germans' new mechanized weapons as part of the lore of Origins, as the Emperor has become increasingly worried about their mechanization and the weapons it will produce. Takeo is sent due to his dedication and service to the Empire and his reputation and honor following Samurai traditions. He frequently makes comments about his mission during the map (particularly on Solo Mode). 




Submachine GunsEdit

Machine GunsEdit








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