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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

The objective icon used for Entrapment.

"You've braved the Ural Mountains, locked horns with the Legion, and gone face-to-faceless with the Orda. All to thwart Omega's "Operatsiya Inversiya". But success is short-lived when the dead don't die. Now, a new quest dials up the terror. Take it on, if you dare."
— Message of the Day

Entrapment is the second main quest for the Outbreak game mode within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Zombies mode, added with the Season Four update. It involves the Requiem Strike Team to exfil "The Omega Eight" from Omega Group.

Step 1: Lighting a POWDERKEG

Like Ravenov Implications, Entrapment can only be started after the Strike Team has reached the third warp tier. A red Phase Wall Tear can be found within any region (except Sanatorium), entering this will have Ravenov attempt contact Requiem before violently ejecting the Strike Team member whom entered the Tear towards another red tear. This is repeated a total of three times before the Strike Team member is ejected with a Beacon Listening Device with Weaver instructing the team to contact Ravenov upon picking it up.

The Tears remain open for only a short time if missed. If the Tear closes via this method, the original unique Phase Wall Tear will not re-open and will require traversing into the next warp tier to access the Tear again.

When the Beacon is active, Ravenov can be contacted through the "Respond" option. He will state that the defectors are at Sanatorium and that the Strike Team should make haste. Warping will now send the Strike Team to a unique version of Sanatorium built for the Quest.

Step 2: Operatsiya Issecheniye

Upon arrival, Ravenov will note that the loss of the Operatsiya Inversiya warheads have sent shockwaves through ALL of Omega, causing decent in the ranks. While he was meant to be meeting the first batch of defectors, they never arrived to the rendezvous point. Weaver assures him that the Strike Team will find them, if they are alive.

The transport chopper that the Omega Eight were using is located in the "Carved Hills", located south of the lone shack, having crashed by unknown means. Nearing it will spawn a horde needs to be eliminated, as one of the corpses is holding a message from Hugo Jager about where the surviving members of the crash went. Utilizing an invention that Omega was working on, they were able to safely traverse the Phase and get to "Monument Hill". They have left the components for another so that the Strike Team can create an improvised version to help them safely traverse the Phase to get to Monument Hill.

Step 3: New Age Siege Engine

The device Doctor Jager was speaking of is known as the Aetherium Neutralizer, which is capable of temporarily neutralizing the airborne Aetherium within an area, allowing safe passage through heavily affected zones. As such, on the Bridge is an empty Requiem Recon Rover that has been modified by the Omega scientists to work as a temporary moving one. However it is missing the vital power source, an Aetherium Orb alongside a method of containing it to the Rover.

The Aetherium Orb can spawn within three places and is visually distinct, having a darker hue of red and will not produce Essence upon being damaged. When damaged, it will flee like the standard variant for a total of three times before it will flee to hover over the Recon Rover to where it will stay above, unwilling to enter it.

To keep the Aetherium Orb within the Recon Rover, it requires a "bait" of sort. One of the Mystery Box spawns contains a destroyed version of the Mystery Box with the Aetherium Rabbit plush. Attempting to grab the plush will cause it to rise into the air, dancing whilst a horde spawns in. Defeating the horde will cause the rabbit to lower back into the broken Mystery Box, awarding various loot and an Intel piece. Alongside allowing a member of the Strike Team to temporarily take the Rabbit as a replacement for their Field Upgrade.

The plush then can be placed within the Recon Rover's cage as "bait" for the Aetherium Orb, as after the plush is placed, the Orb will enter the cage without any hesitation and will eject another message from Doctor Jager, stating that remaining Omega scientists are at the top of the Monument.

Step 4: Stepping Into the Unknown

With the Aetherium Orb in place, the Rover can be interacted with to activate the Aetherium Neutralizer and start its trek to "Monument Hill". Functioning similarly to the Escort Objective without the rifts. Upon reaching the base of the Monument Hill, which is out of the Phase region surrounding Sanatorium, the Aetherium Neutralizer will deactivate and the Recon Rover will self destruct upon hitting a planter, having completed its objective. Weaver tells Raptor-1 to get ready to exfil the Strike Team and scientists.


On the roof sits the remains of the final five Omega scientists, alongside the burnt blueprints of the Aetherium Neutralizer and a final message from Hugo Jager. This entire disaster was a set-up from the start by Lev Kravchenko with Hugo as a mole. He poisoned the Omega pilot which lead to the original crash and massacred the remaining scientists, all to lead the Requiem Strike Team here. He signs off and the tape starts playing a feedback loop which summons in a massive horde lead by an Orda and starts a 6 minute[citation needed] Exfil timer. Clearing the landing site and defeating the Orda allows the Strike Team to complete the Quest.



  • An entrapment is a type of practice in which an agent of the state (such as a military official) forces a person to commit an act that the person would have otherwise been unlikely or unwilling to commit.
  • As revealed in Treyarch's official "The Story So Far" blog post for the reveal of Mauer der Toten, the events of Entrapment occur on December 14th, 1984.[1]
  • Within the Forsaken Radios, Sergei Ravenov notes that due to the events that transpired within Entrapment, he was blacklisted by the CIA.