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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII

"Epilogue" is the twelfth and final campaign level in Call of Duty: WWII. Unlike most missions, this mission is only playable after the player completes The Rhine, which automatically cuts to the Epilogue after the level's completion. 



The 1st Infantry Division have been liberating POW concentration camps since the capture of the Ludendorff Bridge and have received information on where Zussman had been held captive at a labor camp in Berga. Once they arrive at the small camp he was suggested to be held at, they uncover the gruesome atrocities that Metz and his men have committed against the prisoners. Pierson finds a trail leading out of the camp, they realize the Nazis led the prisoners on a death march, leading Daniels, Pierson, Stiles and Aiello to head deep into the forest to find Zussman. Metz soon begins executing prisoners, the gunshots alerting Daniels to his position and runs to find him while having flashbacks of Paul Thomas Daniels. Daniels finds Metz throwing Zussman to the ground ready to execute him with his pistol, but Daniels shoots and kills him before he can fire his weapon. After killing Metz, Daniels heads toward Zussman, who is badly beaten and in poor health. Daniel helps Zussman up and the platoon leaves the forest carrying Zussman.

Not long after, the 1st Infantry Division returns to France and Davis gives a speech to 1st Infantry Division unit. Daniels and say goodbye to others in his platoon and go their separate ways. He visits Zussman, who is at a military hospital and he thanks Daniels for saving his life and fulfills his promise on D-Day. Daniels makes it back home, tells that he has a different dream. and he is seen giving his Bronze Star to the tombstone of his older brother Paul in honor of his advice during his service. then hugging Hazel with their baby son, Joseph Turner Daniels, named after Daniels' field commander Joseph Turner.


Starting Loadout
Seen in Level (unobtainable)


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