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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
For other uses, see Equalizer.

Equalizer is an equipment in Extinction that provides extra firepower to kill the aliens when in a desperate situation.

While similar in role to Strike Packages, Equalizers have more of an emphasis on personal control, whereas the Strike Packages were usually automated. Equalizers involve more user interaction to properly utilize them. Each Equalizer is either equipped as a weapon or spawned in the world as a turret.

The costs and roles of Equalizers varies wildly.

The turrets do not cost very much, can be freely moved around, and offer significant firepower at the cost of requiring the user to directly use it, restricting movement and limiting the area in which the user can fire the turret.

Crowd Control is by far the least expensive, and it can also be stowed away on the player's back. Because of this, Crowd Control is extremely effective for those who do not want to use their Equalizer much at all, or those who want extra defense while on the move.

The last two - the MK32 Launcher and the Death Machine - are both extremely expensive and cumbersome. They both cost at least $2000, and restrict the use of not just other weapons, but also the ability to interact with Search Piles and use other abilities before the ammo in either one is completely spent. Because of their enormous price tags and limiting nature, they are best used as the centralizing aspect of the user's loadout. While extremely unpopular, they can be incredibly effective if the user makes them the core component of their playstyle.

The Portable Minigun Turret suffers from a fortunate glitch where it gains an incendiary effect on Cryptids if the user has Incendiary Ammo or Cryptid Slayer Ammo loaded in the weapon the user was holding before engaging with the turret. This improves the turret significantly, and users should take advantage of it whenever possible.

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