Erik Breighner was a minor character in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, appearing in the mission "Celerium".

"Quantom Entanglement. This single device has more processing power than your entire military infrastructure."-Erik's explanation on the celerium device.



After clearing out the lower labs of Menendez's facility in Myanmar, the JSOC team found Erik in a container. Introducing himself, Erik stated that he is a Magnetometrist, hired by Raul Menendez to analyze the Celerium, a new rare Earth element which he claimed "will render all existing microchip technologies obsolete".

After defending the area from enemy reinforcements, Erik led the JSOC team to another room, where he obtained the Celerium, a Quantum Entanglement Device. Passing the Celerium to David Mason, Erik explained that it was potent enough to wipe out an entire military infrastructure, and should it fall into Menendez's hands, he would launch a massive cyber attack that even the military could not control.

Erik also informed Mason that he overheard talk involving "Karma", which Erik believed might be the name for the cyber-weapon. Before he could go on any further, Erik was shot in the neck by a Merc soldier, killing him instantly.



  • The lanyard Erik's ID badge is on features numerous Treyarch logos all over it.
  • If the player manages to knife or melee or shoot Erik, he will drop a B23R.
  • When the player approaches the box the Erik is hiding in, he will still have his friendly indicator on, although the player doesn't see him yet.
  • The player can kinfe Erik when he is still in the box.
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