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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
For the similarly named levels, see Takedown and Estate.

"Eliminate Ghillie Snipers, Elite Mercenaries and Juggernauts guarding the estate."
Spec Ops description

Estate Takedown is the twentieth Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the final mission in Delta tier. The map is exactly the same as the campaign level "Loose Ends", and the objective of the level is to clear the estate of enemies.

The Infinity Ward best time for Estate Takedown is 2 minutes 59.6 seconds.


Estate Takedown takes place on a forest estate, swarming with enemy forces. The player starts off the level on the dock part of the estate, armed with a Barrett .50cal sniper rifle and M4A1 Grenadier. Players will encounter Inner Circle soldiers, ghillie snipers and Juggernauts throughout the estate. Juggernauts are best dealt with via sniper rifle, as the shots cause them to flinch and become easy targets for the player. Flashbangs are recommended if one gets too close to the player.

The estate has many weapons for the player to choose from if they decide to enter. The basement contains an armory in which the player can restock ammo and grenades, alongside a WA2000 with a Thermal Scope, which can be used to devastating effect against ghillie snipers.

Once there are six hostiles left, they will leave their usual wandering zones and rush towards the player. This becomes a very dangerous situation if one of them is a Juggernaut.

Weapon loadout

Starting loadout
Found in level
Basement armory

The following weapons can be found in the basement armory along with an Ammunition Crate.