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"I'm freezing my ass off here. The Krauts better be waiting with a nice log fire in there."
— Cpl. Tucker

"Ettelbruck" is the sixth campaign level in Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts, playing Pvt. Lucas Gibson from the American 80th Infantry Division for the first time. This level takes place in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg.


The player begins this mission by following their men down the snow covered stream. When the player reaches a hut, they should turn left and head through the huts and take out the Germans, then proceed to second wall near the house. The player should then head into the shed to take out the Germans from that position, then head in the house and clean out the Germans. When downstairs is clear, they should go upstairs and use grenades to clear the rooms. Once upstairs is clear, the player should head back downstairs and get on the MG42. When the German trucks get in range, open fire. When the player has completed the objective, they should head upstairs and take the Kar98K and start shooting the Germans in the other building, keeping watch for Germans with Panzerschrecks.

After the objective is completed, the player should head back downstairs and regroup with Sergeant Mason. When Mason opens the door, the player should run into the building on the opposite side of the street and kill the Germans. They then should follow Sgt. Mason and Cpl. Tucker around the corner where the player should hold off the Germans until Cpl. Tucker opens the door. When he does, the player should head through the door and shoot the Germans. They then should follow Sgt. Mason until the tank breaks down the building. Once in the cellar, the player should fight their way to the steps at the other end. The German soldier at the top of the stairs will throw a grenade, which should be avoided. Once outside, a cutscene will show a Panzer tank and a Sherman appearing. After the cutscene, the player should follow the tank and shoot the Germans as they come, completing the last objective to secure the town square.


Call Of Duty World At War Final Fronts - Gameplay PlayStation 2

Call Of Duty World At War Final Fronts - Gameplay PlayStation 2


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