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"Sotomura is the Retribution's boatswain. Born to a Japanese family with a history of naval service, she proudly follows in the footsteps of her ancestors. Sotomura graduated at the top of her academy class and has provided distinguished service to SATO throughout her career."
Captain's Log.

Evelynn "Boats" Sotomura is a bridge officer stationed on the Retribution. She served as the carrier's boatswain. She comes from a family with a proud history of naval service. Her ancestors served in the military, so she proceeded to follow in their footsteps. She graduated at the top of her naval academy class and has provided distinguished service to SATO forces throughout her career. She presumably survived the events of Operation Blood Storm, as she was one of the few named characters to make it to the SetDef shipyard, along with Nora Salter, Sean Brooks and Erwin Kloos.

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