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Exo Abilities are a feature in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that allow the player to modify their Exoskeleton. The Exo Ability will slowly deplete the player's exosuit's battery, meaning they have to think tactically about how to use them. In addition, players only receive one battery per life, so once it is depleted, they won't be able to use any abilities until they are killed and respawn. The Overcharged perk can extend the life of the battery.


  • Exo Shield - Activates a 'Ballistic Mesh' riot shield which can block attacks and melee similarly to the standalone Shield.
  • Exo Overclock - Boosts the speed similarly to the effects of Lightweight.
  • Exo Mute Device - Completely Silences the player's footsteps similarly to Dead Silence from previous installments.
  • Exo Stim - Gives the player a short health boost, which also allows them to survive a melee attack. It acts as a similar and enhanced effect to Juggernaut and lasts about the same amount of time as Painkiller.
  • Exo Cloak - Makes the player translucent, allowing them to hide easier.
  • Exo Hover - Activated while in the air, allowing the player to hover and even stay above the boundaries of the map temporarily. It lasts much longer if stationary but depletes very fast by moving.
  • Exo Ping - Activates a ping device that allows the player to detect enemies on the map and through walls similarly to the perk in Ghosts without the X-Ray effect.
  • Exo Trophy System - Activates a Trophy System around the player, unlike the physical variant, it has a limited battery, meaning it should be used wisely. The battery depletes by half when a projectile is absorbed and absorbing two will award the Secretary of Defense Medal.