Exo Soldier is an exo upgrade in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in Exo Zombies on the maps Outbreak, Infection, Carrier and Descent. It costs 1,750 Credits. It has similar effects to Gung-Ho, and Fast Hands allowing the player to shoot while sprinting and sliding. It also increases weapon swap speed and hip fire accuracy. Unlike multiplayer, when ADS, the player will not be slowed down for a few seconds.

The upgrade also affects the chain gun on the XS1 Goliath in Descent, as the player will be able to shoot the chain gun while sprinting when in the Goliath.

Locations Edit

  • Outbreak: In the top right section of Holding part of the facility.
  • Infection: In the Value Voltage, to the left of the gas station coming from Hoard More.
  • Carrier In the armory, in front of the hallways leading to the starting areas.
  • Descent: In the lounge, in front of an Upgrade Station.
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