For similar features, see Perk-a-Cola and Candy Perk.

Exo Upgrades are a feature in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, in Exo Zombies. In order to be able to buy one, the player needs to have the Exoskeleton, and activate the Power Switch associated to each Exo machine. Unlike Perk-a-Colas, there is currently no limit as to how many upgrades a player can buy in each game. Players also don't lose every upgrade immediately when being downed, but lose them gradually as they bleed out, ordered from the last upgrade they bought.

Exo-Revive AWExo MedicEdit

Main article: Exo Medic

In solo, revives the player after getting downed but the player may only acquire it 3 times. In co-op, helps revive teammates faster, and can be bought without limit.

Exo-Slam AWExo SlamEdit

Main article: Exo Slam

Allows the player to use the Exo Slam ability and stun/cripple/kill zombies with a slam. Has a brief cooldown between each slam.

Exo-Soldier AWExo SoldierEdit

Main article: Exo Soldier

Allows the player to fire and reload while running and also increases hip fire accuracy. Also allows faster weapon switching.

Exo-Health AWExo HealthEdit

Main article: Exo Health

Increases max health, allowing the player to take seven consecutive hits.

Exo-Reload AWExo ReloadEdit

Main article: Exo Reload

Shortens the reload time for weapons.

Exo Stockpile Edit

Main article: Exo Stockpile

Increases reserve ammo by 20%, and adds one extra grenade for each available grenade type.

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