Exo Upgrades are a feature in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, in Exo Zombies. They are like Perk-a-Colas.

Exo Medic

Main article: Exo Medic

Revives the player after getting downed but the player may only acquire it 3 times. In Muiltiplayer, it helps revive teammates faster.

Exo Slam

Main article: Exo Slam

Allows the player to use the Exo Slam ability and shock/kill zombies with a slam.

Exo Soldier

Main article: Exo Soldier

Similar to the Gung-Ho perk; it allows the player to fire and reload while running and also increases hip fire accuracy.

Exo Health

Main article: Exo Health

Allows the player to take more hits.

Exo Reload

Main article: Exo Reload

Shortens the reload time for weapons.

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