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"We're getting out of here!"
— a Marine

Exodus is the second campaign mission in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS).



The level starts off where it left off in the last level. The player is using the M2 machine gun on top of a Humvee to fend off attacking OpFor members. An Mi-24 attacks the Humvee, but Parker shoots it down with the machine gun. The humvee continues to go through the canyon, fighting off the OpFor members. They get to the town and must then fight on foot. Parker fights his way through the streets, alleyways, and buildings. During the fighting, he and his squad get pinned down by a sniper. Parker is ordered to go into a building to take out a sniper. He goes to the second floor, kills the enemies there, and goes to the balcony. There, he shoots the sniper with a rifle he found. After that, he leaves the building, and is forced to fight through the rest of the city. After intense house-to-house fighting, a helicopter arrives and rescues them.

Weapon Loadout Edit

Starting Loadout

Trivia Edit

  • Near the end of the truck sequence, the driver crashes into a barricade. If examined closely enough, it is possible to see that the truck never hits the barricade, yet it flies everywhere.
  • If the player shoots the car before they hit the barricade, it can catch on fire. However, after the crash the fire is gone.
  • If the player shoots down the helicopter right when it comes out, the wreckage passes right through the mountain.
  • When the player goes with Pvt. Oliveria after dropping down in the building, his name disappears but his green on the cross hairs is still there.
  • When the player reaches the machine gun, there are 2 L/Cpl. Buds instead of one.
  • At the end of the truck sequence, dogs can be heard barking.
  • This mission is the only mission on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS) where the Dragunov is obtainable.
  • According to the times at the start of the level, one and a half hours have passed since the beginning of the previous level.
  • The Humvee which the player is in is alpha seven-two.
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