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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
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"History repeats itself, one species falls, another rises to take its place."
Samantha Cross from the trailer.
"Defend the Exodus base until the spacecraft can be launched."
— Mission Description

Exodus is the fifth and final Extinction map of Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is featured in the Nemesis DLC. Many new features are introduced, like the mission itself being more non-linear and new weapons like the NX-1 Disruptor.



Following their escape in the last episode, and the successful recovery of Dr. Cross and the cortex, the CIF Unit has flown in to help fight off the Cryptids laying siege to the last bastion of human resistance. As one of the last hopes for mankind, the Unit mission is to get key personnel to safety by restoring power to the shuttle and launch it to the safety of a low earth orbit space station.

Nearly every Crypid from all the previous episodes are featured in Exodus, including a new and dangerous enemy, the Ancestor. Although they were seen in Awakening, now the Ancestors have come to the surface to fend off the last remaining humans. They have the power of mind control and telekinesis.

Exodus allows players to choose their own path, and play their own way. They also need to activate generators on the map. After activating all six they must kill Cryptids and Ancestors to power the Cortex and activate the Medusa Device.


  • Generators: These replace hives and obelisks from previous maps. Players do not use a Laser Drill to activate them, however; they are activated manually.
  • Gates: Players use these to choose their own path.
  • NX-1 Disruptor: The NX-1 Disruptor is a new special weapon introduced in the map which is built from Schematics. It has two different firing modes, and has ammo which recharges over time. Pressing the fire button shoots a regular NX-1 shot, while pressing and holding the aim button will charge a NX-1 shot which moves slowly towards its target. This fire mode also has the ability to take out the Ancestors' shields.
  • NX-1 Grenade: The NX-1 Grenade is a new Lethal Equipment that is built from Schematics. It has the ability to disrupt the Ancestors' shields, like the second firing mode on the NX-1 Disruptor, with a single grenade.
  • Ancestors: The Ancestors are a new boss that are encountered at fixed intervals (they have been mentioned before in various cutscenes, but make their first physical appearances in Exodus). Ancestors have the ability to launch a purple "ball" to cause severe damage to players and generators, and even have telekinetic abilities, which they utilize to hoist helpless players in the air and subsequently damage them. They also are capable of generating an impenetrable force field that can only be destroyed prematurely by an accurately placed NX-1 blast/NX-1 grenade.


The base

This is where the players first start out, and is also used as the location in Chaos Mode. This area will not initially be attacked by Cryptids, but once a gate opens, Cryptids are allowed to enter the base should a player fall back to the base area. This area has multiple aids for the players, including four separate Tesla Anti-Air Defense System units, two remote turrets and two mounted Minigun turrets. Also, the base has the schematics for the NX-1 Grenades and the Hypno Trap. There are a couple Weapon Lockers available to give players a fully customized weapon quickly.

This is the only area in which players can purchase the Chain SAW should they desire to have one and couldn't find one from a Weapon Locker. Since the player will have insufficient money to buy the Chain SAW right away, any player wanting to use the Chain SAW must remember to return to base in order to purchase it.

Search Piles are scattered throughout the base, both regular and Schematic Search Piles.

One of the Neversoft eyeballs to trigger the map's easter egg will appear somewhere in this area. Because it is right inside the base itself, players who want to get the effects of the easter egg during the last stand should save collecting that specific Neversoft eyeball for last.

Available Items

Outside of Car Garage Area 1 and south side of car garage

This is outside of the north gate, which is also outside of a car garage. It has a few weapons, and is connected only to the car garage with an opening. When players access this area from the north side gate, unless the north end of the garage has already been accessed, a gate will prevent players from accessing the northern portion of the garage initially. There is a Tesla Anti-Air Defense System placed on top of an abandoned truck outside of the car garage and a fire trap near the fencing. Should the north gate be destroyed by an Ancestor during the last stand, players will be able to walk outside the north gate and access those traps again.

The area contains many Search Piles usually, and a piece of Intel.

Available Items

Car Garage

This is connected to two outside areas, and to a building. The first outside area is connected by an opening, while the other is connected by a gate. On the interior gate side, there is a Schematic table where players can get the schematic for the NX-1 Disruptor, as well as the schematic for Teslas. Because this the only area that houses the NX-1 Disruptor schematic, players tend to go out of their way to access to this area as quickly as possible. It has two Generators in it, along with 2 Mavericks and an Ameli. A Tesla Anti-Air Defense System is present in the car garage near one of the holes in the wall, defending against Cryptids descending from the second floor of the car garage.

This area is the most plentiful in terms of weaponry, with three weapons all residing in the same corner by the back door of the car garage. This area has every type of primary weapon in Extinction, allowing players to easily complete challenges that require kills with a certain class of weapon.

When activating the second generator in this area, an Ancestor will attack. It will gain a line of attack on the generator fairly quickly, and unlike with other Ancestors, players will be unable to get within CQC distance of the Ancestor, making it so that shotgun users may have a more difficult time with this Ancestor. A Mammoth may spawn in the back corner of the car garage near one of the holes in the wall, and that corner also acts as a potential Rhino spawn point.

Like the first outside area of the car garage, it has a lot of Search Piles.

Available Items

Road leading to the gas station

Venturing outside the west gate of the starting area leads the player(s) here. There will be a schematic table next to a destroyed truck for building Sticky Flares and/or Venom Grenades. There is a Tesla Anti-Air Defense System at the top of the hill, and the map's only Electric Fence can be found here. Both assault rifles are available for purchase here.

The gas station sign used for the Neversoft logo easter egg which rewards a secret piece of Intel can be seen most clearly in this area.

Available Items

Gas station

The gas station is a crucial point of defense on the map, housing two generators and a healthy supply of weaponry. A few weapon lockers are scattered around this area.

An Ancestor will arrive once the player(s) begin to boot up the second generator in this area. Two Tesla Anti-Air Defense Systems are on top of the gas station to facilitate defending the gas station, especially defending the top generator. One of the eyeballs to trigger the Exodus map easter egg tends to spawn somewhere in this area.

Available Items

Back road

Behind the car garage is a wrecked road that leads back to the gas station. This can be accessed either through the gas station or through the back door of the car garage. There's very little in this area in the way of notable items. With no additional resources like Tesla Anti-Air Defense Systems or Minigun Turrets, in addition to being very close to potential Rhino and Mammoth spawn points, plus a spawn point behind the barbed fence that players cannot shoot through, makes this area a very undesirable point of defense. Players may sometimes just resort back to the car garage or retreat to the gas station for a more favorable defensive position due to the Tesla Anti-Air Defense System units and extra cover that protect those areas, plus extra distance away from Rhino/Mammoth spawn points.

When accessing the back road late in the game, it tends to spawn Rhinos at a very alarming rate, and the occasional Mammoth may spawn here too. The upper hill of the back road is blocked off, and when powering up the second generator in the gas station area, an Ancestor will arrive from that blocked off part of the back road.

Available Items

Connecting Road

Accessed either through the car garage or the building, the connecting road is a very small area that just connects the car garage to the building. There is very little in the way of relevant items or features here.

Available Items


Leaving the base through the east side gate will eventually lead the player(s) to a building with two floors. There are two generators located in this building, one on each floor, and neither of them can be attacked by Ancestors. There is a large stockpile of weapons in the building, in addition to weapon lockers and search piles. One of the Neversoft eyeballs for the map's easter egg tends to spawn here. If a weapon challenge is given on one of the generators here, a weapon that can be used to complete the challenge should be very close by.

The building has multiple holes in it that allow Cryptids to flank. Most notably, above the bottom generator are two enormous holes, one on the second floor and one in the cieling, that Cryptids can drop down from, and it allows Scorpions to easily gain a vantage point on a player and/or an objective. On the second floor, there is a small hole in the back corner near the stairs that smaller Cryptids drop down from. Cryptids can also spawn at the bottom of the stairs.

Available Items


The slums are right outside the east gate and next to the building. This area doesn't contain many weapons, but it does provide schematics for building throwable lethal grenades, either Pipe Bombs or Venom Grenades, depending on player preference. A Tesla Anti-Air Defense System is also available here and placed very high, allowing for potent aerial defense.

Available Items

Last Stand

After all six generators and all the doors have been powered up, the players must meet back at the base. Cross communicates on the radio that she has the cortex and is entering the area. Godfather questions her motives, while "Archer" taunts in the radio that she is "playing make-believe." Once all the players meet, Cross, who is levitating and controlling several scouts, kills them and lands on her feet. She inserts the cortex in to the Medusa device, while explaining that CIF Team 1 must stay here and defend the weapon until it is fully charged. Godfather commends her choosing to side with the humans after all this time, then she proceeds to teleport to the rocket.

All players must then hold the use button on the Medusa device to activate it and take on the final stand against the Cryptids. Three Ancestors will appear in random order at the front gate, the right gate, and the left gate, each with a challenge to complete which will give players additional skill points to spend on upgrading their abilities. A Skill Point will also be given with every Ancestor killed, challenge completed or not, so that'll allow players to bolster their loadout to better defend the base. When the first Ancestor approaching from the west gate appears, it will attack a generator located on the left side of the base and severely damage it, which will disable all of the traps and turrets, rendering them unusable until the generator is repaired. This generator takes a very long time to repair, even for an Engineer. When the first Ancestor attacking the east gate appears, aerial Cryptids will begin to spawn with regularity.

Once all 3 initial Ancestors are defeated and the cortex is completely charged, all players must gather and detonate the Medusa device to complete the mission. If the players stall for a long period of time before detonating the cortex, two Ancestors will appear at once (they do not have any skill point rewarding challenges associated with them), further encouraging players to detonate the Medusa device as soon as possible. Despite that, it is possible for players to continue to stall so long as they successfully deal with the Ancestors and the constant stream of Cryptids spawning in. During the Last Stand, once the Medusa is fully charged, Cryptids will continue to spawn in large amounts forever, punishing players who delay finishing the match. However, this only happens during solo play. Crypitds will eventually stop spawning if more than one player is also in the match, but it usually takes a long time for the game to reach a point where it doesn't spawn any more Cryptids.

Story (Based on Intel)

Main article: Exodus (Extinction)/Intel


CIF Team 1 are on-route to the Exodus launch site when they are contacted by Godfather, who tells the pilot of Arclight that they don't know if Cross can be trusted and that their orders are to protect the Cortex by any means necessary. On board, Dr. Samantha Cross sits bolt upright in her seat and begins to shake. It stops and she looks at the Cortex, kneeling next to it. A soldier quickly comes over and points his pistol at her head, asking her if there is anything she wants to say before he pulls the trigger. She replies, "You might want to fasten your seatbelt." He looks out the windshield, which a Gargoyle is flying towards, its arms outstretched. It bursts through the windshield and smashes the pilot. The soldier fires two shots before it kills him as well. Another soldier begins to fire at the Gargoyle before it launches towards the camera.

Classified Files:

Exodus - Godfather explains that when the threat of a doomsday scenario became clear, a contingency plan was enacted to safeguard the future of the human race. The program retrofitted a decommissioned space station for a hand-picked group of elite soldiers and scientists to survive on until their descendants could reclaim the Earth.

Gargoyles - Paleobiologists have a Latin name for the flying Cryptids, while other people call them Gargoyles. They're silent, fast and invisible to radar, being strong enough to rip the tailbone off an Apache gunship. They dominate the skies over the cities and launch facilities. Humanity will never get off the ground if they can't find a way to break through.

Psionic Warfare - The Cortex is the ace up the military's sleeve. It is the preserved brain of a living Ancestor contained in a casing used for transporting donor organs. It absorbs bio-electric energy and stores it like a psychic battery and then detonates like a neutron bomb. Apparently the radiation is harmless to humans. When the pulse is focused and amplified it will fry the brain of Cryptids in less than a second.

Ancestor Combat - Scientists have been studying the data collected in the Ark raid, but they still don't know exactly what they're up against. They possess both telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Their physical bodies are relatively fragile, but they can project a powerful gravimetric field to deflect attacks and levitate. They are impervious to small arms fire while the field is active, but the experimental weaponry developed by Archer may even the odds.

Encrypted Files:

The Final Option - The Colorado Ark was only one of dozens, perhaps hundreds of Ancestor strongholds, the citadels of a prehistoric empire that once spanned the globe and will soon do so again. Humanity lost Washington in the first eight hours. San Antonio, Colorado Springs, every military centre in North America has been annihilated. The President is dead and Godfather is in command of what is left of the US. They are overrun and surrender is not an option. There is only one refuge left beyond the enemies reach.

Caller ID: Unknown - The voice of David Archer sends a transmission to Godfather, informing him that that he knows what he's thinking, but he's wrong. He's got it wrong about a lot of things, like Samantha Cross. Archer informs him that she's a sleeper, a double agent. Everything's that's happened, everything that's about to happen aboard the space station, is all part of the plan. Their plan, not the General's. Around the word "space station" Archer's voice takes one a deeper tone and experiences a slight echo. The analysis of his voice shows it doesn't match the real Archer's and that the transmission was sent three hours ago from multiple sources, and that Godfather has been notified.

More Than Human - Samantha Cross explains that the Ancestors left her for dead once, later saving her life. She informs the player that they're on the same side now, but she's not the same person. Maybe she's not even human any more. She can sense the Ancestor's fear, they're wondering if they should kill her, but it's a bit late for that. Samantha Cross died months ago, on a cold night in Alaska.


The Exodus rocket takes off, someone shouting that they aren't going to make it. As the Gargoyles start to swoop down on the rocket the Medusa device detonates, the blue shockwave knocking all the Gargoyles out of the sky. One of them lands on the camera, causing it to go black. The screen cuts to a shot of the Earth from a distance, the Exodus rocket and space station visible. Much of the Earth is on fire and completely scorched. Samantha Cross narrates that history repeats itself, one species falls, another rises to take its place. The screen goes black again before zooming on a porthole, out of which Cross is looking. She says that countless lives were sacrificed to ensure a chosen few might be saved. She begins to drift back into a chair like the one she was held in on the Stormbreaker. She then states that people believed that her power could make the difference between survival and extinction. They were right, she says as her eyes open, turning from hazel to red.

Top Secret:

Always Hard - This is simply a bonus intel that isn't required for the achievement. It shows a gathering of people watching a man fire a flaming arrow at a large, flammable Neversoft logo. The other screens just show various parts of Neversoft's workspace. To obtain this intel the player must shoot the letters on the large gas station sign atop the garage on the left side of the map, spelling out the word 'Neversoft'. The player will know if they have hit a letter if it appears at the top of their screen. After hitting all nine the world will shake and the player character will say 'Intel stowed'.



Chaos Mode


  • There are three eyeballs that appear in random spots around the map with harpoons through them, in reference to Neversofts' logo. If all of these are collected, all players receive every ability in Extinction mode, such as Feral Instincts and Team Boosters. However, this bonus only lasts for a few minutes. Players will start glowing white and a HUD overlay is applied to the player, showing stars and lightning going down the edges of the screen.
  • If a player shoots the letters “NEVERSOFT” on the sign on the back of the gas station building, he will unlock Intel about the company Neversoft.[1]
  • Unlike other maps where Cryptids will start to slowly spawn if the player lingers around too long after drilling a hive/ scanning an Obelisk, once players open and finish a gate, or power up a generator, Cryptids will stop spawning completely until the next objective is taken on. This also happens at the last part of the match, right before the objective to use the Medusa device. This gives players unlimited time to do as they please.