"This toolbox that the Exoskeleton brings to you as the player, redefines how you're going to play Call of Duty."
— Michael Condrey

Exoskeletons, or Exosuits, are a gameplay mechanic introduced in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, featured in the campaign, multiplayer, and cooperative modes. The Exoskeleton is capable of increasing many of the player's physical abilities, allowing for increased movement and speed, as well as tactical purposes. The Exoskeleton changes gameplay heavily, allowing for a wide variety of options as to how missions are completed, as well as general physical freedom within the game world.

Exoskeletons are equipped with numerous abilities, allowing for various tactical attacks as well as strategical superiority among other players. Some enemies, referred to as "Boosters", are known to use Exoskeletons in the same way that players can, such as dashing, leaping great distances, and cloaking.

At the time of Advanced Warfare, Atlas is in the midst of developing a next-generation version of the exoskeleton, the XOS-9. This model is shown to be far more physically ergonomic with an overall slimmer model, allowing for even more flexibility in combat.

As an April Fool's joke, when the player used any Exo movements, such as the Boost Jump, Boost Slide, Boost Dodge, or Boost Dash, the player would make a clown horn noise. It was later removed.


  • Stim: Allows the player to temporarily boost their health, allowing for a higher chance of survival as well as quick recovery.
  • Overclock: Allows for increased sprint for a brief period.
  • Shield: Deploys a wrist-mounted riot shield that momentarily blocks enemy fire.
  • Cloak: Enables temporary invisibility, similar to Optical Camouflage.
  • Hover: Jets stabilize the player in a single position for a brief moment, allowing for area coverage.
  • Trophy System: The suit activates a type of force field, allowing for instant deflection and detonation of two enemy projectiles.
  • Mute: Works like Dead Silence from previous Call of Duty games. Works for about 10 seconds, and makes the player completely silent.

Exo Zombies

In Exo Zombies, the player starts with no Exoskeleton, and must acquire it from the central part of the maps. Obtaining it allows the player to use the exoskeleton movements, and additionally obtain the Exo Upgrades. Players that die will have to recover it again from the Exo Stations.


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