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"A proximity triggered drone that tracks enemies and explodes when near them."
— In-game description.

The Explosive Drone is a lethal equipment introduced in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that is usable in multiplayer and Exo Zombies. It is a proximity device shot from the Exo Launcher that sticks to any surfaces. It arms shortly after deployment. It works similarly to Bouncing Betties and I.E.D.s from previous titles. It looks very similar to Shock Charges. The Explosive Drone is difficult to hide due to its bright blinking light.


The Explosive Drone appears in multiplayer mode. The player receives two in regular gameplay and one in the Virtual Firing Range.

Explosive Drones are the "mines" of the game, replacing Claymores, I.E.D.s and Bouncing Betties from previous games. The Explosive Drones take two seconds to arm before they can be triggered or picked up. When triggered, they create a loud hum and fly towards the target, exploding after a few seconds. The drone can easily be outrun by Exo boosting.

Like all mines, they are useful for defending objective locations because they can harm attackers of the objectives without the player having to be there. The drones can attach to most surfaces, though due to their delayed explosion, it is best to place them in areas where enemies are likely to slow down or stop, such as objectives and choke points.

Exo Zombies

In Exo Zombies, the Explosive Drone can be bought off the wall in the Exo Testing Room of Outbreak, the Value Voltage sewer entrance in Infection and in the Moon Pool next to the tunnel to the Hangar in Carrier. The player is given two when buying it and gets an additional one each round, for a maximum of two.

It acts somewhat different than the multiplayer version, as it takes a much shorter time to arm itself, making it much more useful. It is generally an instant kill to enemies. It does not take up the Lethal slot, but instead the Tactical slot; therefore, it can be replaced by the Distraction Drone, Nano Swarm, Repulsor or Teleport Grenade and vice versa.


  • Destroying one of these drones with any of the Launchers will count towards the "Destroy 5 Recon or Assault Drones" camo challenge.
  • Landing an Explosive Drone directly on top of a Care Package or the flag projector in Objective modes will cause it to explode instantly.
    • It will also explode if fired onto the hovering ship in Horizon.
  • Explosive Drones will not trigger if the user is too close, even if an enemy passes by.