"Los Angeles bullet train station. Good long to medium engagements up and down the bullet train tracks."
— Map description

Express is a multiplayer map featured in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops II.


The map is set at the Los Angeles terminal for the California High-Speed Rail. It features fast-moving bullet trains that can kill. Around the map there are numerous tight corridors and rooms, along with an open area in the middle.The stationary trains can also be climbed.

Zombies Easter Eggs

  • If the player goes to the bottom of the minimap, he/she may find a ladder. Climbing up this will bring the player to a board with post-it notes on it reading various messages such as: 'Zombies are coming' and 'fix turbine'.
  • If the player looks on the list of stops the train was supposed to take, one of the stops is where the first tranzit map, Green Run is set. Also, if he/she goes to the map Green Run, and goes to the bus path between the farm and power station, it is possible see train tracks.


  • In the small building of the middle of the map, inside, there's 2 computers that shows the Lodestar plane.
  • As fully shown, the bullet train runs from Los Angeles to San Francisco .
  • Both Arrival/Departure tunnels have movie advertisements about 3 maps: Hijacked, Turbine, and Meltdown.
  • One of the advertisements depicts a woman as seen in the Kasimira adverts in Modern Warfare 3.
  • There is a phrase painted on a wall of the map saying that "Zombies are coming".
  • This map and Plaza have very similar map layouts. The two minimap images look very similar.


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