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{{For|similarly named jets|F/A-18E Super Hornet|FA38}}
|name = F-15 Eagle
|image = [[File:F-15 Eagle back view The Gulag MW2.png|300px]]
|game = ''[[Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2]]''<br> ''[[Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3]]''<br> ''[[Call of Duty: Ghosts]]''
|found in = [[S.S.D.D.]], [[Team Player]], [[The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday]], [[The Gulag]], [[The Enemy of My Enemy]], [[Just Like Old Times]], [[Museum]], [[Hunter Killer]], [[Goalpost (mission)|Goalpost]], [[Iron Lady]], [[The Hunted]]
|used by = [[United States Air Force|USAF]]<br>[[Shadow Company]]<br>[[U.S. Army Rangers]]<br>[[Delta Force]]<br>[[Task Force 141]]<br>[[Federation]]
|health =
|weapons = AIM-120 AMRAAM Missiles<br />AGM-88 HARM Missiles<br />CBU-100 Cluster Bombs<br />AIM-9X Sidewinder Missiles
|caption = F-15 Eagle in ''Modern Warfare 2''|status = Active}}
The '''[[wikipedia:McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle|F-15 Eagle]]''' is a single seat, twin engine, all weather, air superiority and tactical fighter designed to gain and maintain air superiority in aerial combat.
==Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2==
The F-15 Eagle is commonly seen in campaign, most notably providing Close-Air Support in "[[Team Player]]"; it is also spotted performing [[wikipedia:SEAD|SEAD operations]] during the [[The Gulag|assault on the Gulag and]] during the mission "[[The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday]]"
[[File:Anim-precision-airstrike.gif|thumb|The Multiplayer Icon for the Precision Airstrike.]]
In ''Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2'', the F-15 Eagle appears in multiplayer as a killstreak reward. Three F-15 Eagles are unlocked as a 6-kill killstreak, the [[Precision Airstrike]]. This airstrike is directional and calls in three F-15s to cluster bomb an area, similar to the ''[[Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare]]'' version.
===Appearance in Campaign===
*"[[Team Player]]"
*"[[The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday]]"
*"[[The Gulag]]"
*"[[Of Their Own Accord]]"
*"[[Whiskey Hotel]]"
*"[[The Enemy of My Enemy]]"
*"[[Just Like Old Times]]" (Hostile)
===Known F-15s Formations===
*[[Jester One-One]]
*[[Devil One-One]]
*Phoenix One-One
*[[Cujo Two-One]]
F-15 in The only easy day....png|In "The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday".
Side_view_F-15_The_Only_Easy_Day_Was_Yesterday.png|Side view of the Eagle in "The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday".
F-15_Eagle_The_Gulag_MW2.png|In "The Gulag".
F-15_firing_missiles_The_Gulag_MW2.png|[[Jester One-One|F-15]] firing its missiles.
F-15_Eagle_front_view_MW2.png|Front view.
F-15 Boneyard.png|Eagles parked in a [[U.S. Vehicle Disposal Yard 437|Boneyard]].
Eagle in FB Phoenix.png|In "S.S.D.D.".
Shadow_Company_F-15_Just_Like_Old_Times_MW2.png|Shadow Company F-15 in "Just Like Old Times".
F-15_Eagle_model_Museum_MW2.png|A model of the F-15 in "Museum".
F-15 Eagle top view S.S.D.D. MW2.png|Top view.
==Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ==
In the [[Battle of New York]], F-15s are spotted dog-fighting with Russian [[MiG-29]]s; they are also seen destroying a Russian base and several [[SAM]] sites at the start of "[[Hunter Killer]]". They are seen once again in "[[Iron Lady]]" [[Battle of Paris|attacking the invading Russians]] and rescuing the [[AC-130 Gunship]] from MiG-29 attacks. Furthermore, some F-15s can be seen if the player uses noclip in [[Stay Sharp]] and [[Charges Set]]; however, they are not solid objects.
===Known F-15 Eagles===
* Lightning One-One
* Lightning Three-One
* Jester Two-Four
* Jester Two-Five
The F-15 appears in Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer as the Assault Package's 6-point reward, the Precision Airstrike. Much like its predecessor, three planes will fly in a straight direction of the spot where it is launched by the player who called it and drop their payloads. Getting a Game Winning Killcam with this earns the winner the "Finishing Touch" Challenge and 2500exp. Killing 5 enemies at once will earn the "Carpet Bomb" Challenge and 5000 exp. Calling in two Airstrikes in a single match will earn the "Afterburner" Challenge with 2500exp. While in Prestige, getting a certain number of kills will earn the "Carpet Bomber" Challenge of different levels.
The Precision Airstrike compliments well with the Predator Missile and the Attack Helicopter as a 5-6-7 Point Streak combo. With Hardline Pro, the two-assist-kill ability makes it much faster to achieve the combo in 4 points. Land a kill with the Predator Missile to earn the Airstrike. Call it in on a high traffic area to get your 6th point to earn the Helicopter, then call the chopper to gain additional kills as it flies around the map.
F-15E MW3.jpg|A F-15 Eagle in the "[[Hunter Killer]]" cutscene.
F-15_Eagle_top_view_Hunter_Killer_MW3.png|Top view, in "Hunter Killer".
F-15_Eagle_Iron_Lady_MW3.png|Eagle flying over Paris.
F-15_Eagle_in_Hamburg_Goalpost_MW3.png|Eagle in "Goalpost".
F-15_Eagle_flying_over_Hardhat_MW3.png|F-15 flying over [[Hardhat]].
==Call of Duty: Ghosts==
The F-15 makes a single appearance in the level [[The Hunted]], where four F-15s escort the Y-8 gunship that extracts Rorke from the Ghosts' plane.
On the map [[Showtime]], F-15s are the jets used to drop the care packages when the [[Slot Machine]] care package or the "jackpot" icon is chosen.
=== Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ===
*All F-15s in the game bear the tail code "[[Infinity Ward|IW]]4" on their vertical stabilizers. The code usually identifies a plane's unit or base assignment, but since "IW4" is not in use by any of those entities, it clearly refers to the game's engine.
*The F-15s in many different levels (such as "[[Exodus (Modern Warfare 2)|Exodus]]", "[[The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday]]" and others) have no visible pilots.
=== Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ===
*In several levels the F-15 model seen in-flight has its nose wheel down and cockpit open.
* Weirdly enough, in the loading screen of [[Hunter Killer]], Lightning 3-1 is referred to as "F-22 Pilot" in subtitles, while they clearly show F-15s.
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