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The F-85B Bullshark is a STOVL aircraft appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It is usable in the mission "Sand Castle".


Production historyEdit

  • Designed by: Chinese Aerospace Technology Corporation
  • Designed: 2048
  • Produced: 2054-present
  • Number built: 300+


  • Weight: 11 tons empty; 28 tons max loaded weight; max takeoff weight is 38 tons
  • Length: 15 meters
  • Width: 9 meters
  • Height: 3.8 meters
  • Crew: 1
  • Armor: Ceramic composite plate
  • Active defenses: Optionally installed e-war EWSP package; chaff/flare pods
  • Engine: Single afterburning turbofan
  • Power/weight: Dry thrust 135kN; with afterburner is 220kN
  • Fuel capacity: 10,000kg without external fuel pods; 12,000kg with non-stealth underwing-slung twin fuel pods
  • Operational range: 3000km on internal fuel load
  • Speed: Mach 2.4+


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