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The F-85B Bullshark, also known as the Attack VTOL, is an STOVL aircraft appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops III and in the comics of Call of Duty: Mobile. It is usable in the mission Sand Castle. Three F-85B Bullsharks are used in the Lightning Strike Scorestreak.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III[]

As seen in the mission Sand Castle, the Bullshark has the ability to hover above ground, as well as shooting projectiles from its front. The Bullshark is used by the Winslow Accord, and it is further armed with Arrow 19 missiles from which it launches. The Bullshark was developed by the Chinese company China Aerospace Technology Corporation (CAETC).

Production history[]

  • Designed by: Chinese Aerospace Technology Corporation
  • Designed: 2048
  • Produced: 2054-present
  • Number built: 300+


  • Weight: 11 tons empty; 28 tons max loaded weight; max takeoff weight is 38 tons
  • Length: 15 meters
  • Width: 9 meters
  • Height: 3.8 meters
  • Crew: 1
  • Armor: Ceramic composite plate
  • Active defenses: Optionally installed e-war EWSP package; chaff/flare pods
  • Engine: Single afterburning turbofan
  • Power/weight: Dry thrust 135kN; with afterburner is 220kN
  • Fuel capacity: 10,000kg without external fuel pods; 12,000kg with non-stealth underwing-slung twin fuel pods
  • Operational range: 3000km on internal fuel load
  • Speed: Mach 2.4+
  • Armament: 1x 22mm caseless quad barrel Gatling gun on central, internal mount (w/ 2000-round magazine); Arrow 19 missile systems

Call of Duty: Mobile[]

The Bullshark reappears at the end of Call of Duty: Mobile's Season 5 "Tropical Vision" battle pass comic. 3 of them appear to engage the helicopter that Price and Foxtrot are in. One is piloted by Nikto.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III[]

Call of Duty: Mobile[]