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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
For a similarly named rifle, see FAL.

The FAD is a bullpup assault rifle that appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The FAD has medium-high accuracy with medium-low damage, along with a high fire rate.


The FAD can be seen in the hands of the Africa Militia forces during the mission "Back on the Grid". It is always seen with a Red Dot Sight equipped.


The FAD is unlocked at Level 78, being the last assault rifle unlocked.

The FAD is a low but consistent damage weapon. At any range short of 25 meters, the FAD will deal thirty damage per bullet. Damage linearly decreases until thirty meters. At any range beyond thirty meters, the FAD will deal 25 damage per bullet. Regardless of range to the target, the FAD will need four body shots to kill. In Hardcore game types, the story is much different, as the FAD's one shot kill range only goes out to 25 meters. The FAD also has medium penetration power. The FAD's ability to get a four shot kill at any range is unique among weapons in Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer. This leaves the FAD a step behind most weapons in CQC, but as the damage of other weapons decreases, the FAD remains a four hit kill. As a result, the FAD is a weapon that uniquely becomes more competitive the further out it is used at. The FAD also has one of the largest headshot multipliers in the game, with a headshot conferring a 70% damage boost. A headshot ensures a one shot kill in Hardcore. A headshot short of 25 meters will always reduce the number of shots needed to kill by one, but two headshots in a row will kill an opponent. Beyond thirty meters, at least two headshots are needed to reduce the number of shots needed to kill.

The FAD offsets its low damage up close with a gargantuan rate of fire. The FAD has the highest rate of fire in the assault rifle class, firing at a jaw dropping 1016 RPM. This rate of fire is better than all other assault rifles, all LMGs, and all SMGs except the PM-9 and the PP90M1, with the FAD being on par with the PP90M1. This rate of fire is ferocious and makes the FAD more competitive in close quarters combat. This helps to compensate for the low damage per bullet up close.

The FAD's accuracy is decent. The iron sights of the FAD are extremely unpopular due to their unusual shape. The FAD's recoil per shot is quite low for an assault rifle, with recoil values of 40 to the left, 40 to the right, 50 upwards, and 20 downwards. The recoil profile is symmetric and small. The FAD's centerspeed is below average, however, clocking in at just 1350. Between the high fire rate and the low centerspeed, the FAD's not a pinpoint precise weapon. It doesn't kick very harshly on a per-shot basis, but with continued fire, the recoil will accumulate quickly.

The FAD is hit or miss in the handling stakes. The FAD allows users to move at 90% of the base speed, and strafe at 36% of the base speed. The FAD has a unique aim down sight time value of 250 milliseconds, 50 milliseconds faster than all other assault rifles, but being 50 milliseconds slower than an SMG. The FAD provides a moderately sized hip-fire spread. The FAD's reload speeds are some of the worst in the game, however. The FAD's reload animation is 3.2 seconds long, or 3.56 seconds long if the magazine is empty. In either case, the user can Reload Cancel the FAD after 2.43 seconds. This is the slowest reload cancel time among all assault rifles, SMGs, magazine fed shotguns, and even some sniper rifles and launchers. The FAD's reload cancel speed is comically slow, and it will leave users very vulnerable during reloads.

The FAD has the largest magazine capacity of any assault rifle, sporting a large forty round magazine. This enhanced magazine capacity helps to offset the pain of reloading and gives enhanced sustained fire for an assault rifle firing at 1016 RPM. The FAD gets a larger than normal starting ammo loadout of 120 rounds.

As far as proficiencies go, a couple stand out on the FAD. Focus is a very sensible choice, as the FAD can be very competitive at medium to long ranges. At said ranges, Focus helps to ensure that flinches don't ruin a gunfight as often for the user. Attachments is a very intriguing choice on the FAD, as there are a number of attachments that stand out greatly on the FAD, so combining attachments together is something that a lot of users will be interested in.

The FAD has the usual assortment of attachments available. All optical attachments are available, and they are quite commonly used by players wielding FAD's in Multiplayer.

The Silencer is an extremely powerful option on the FAD, as the FAD suffers next to no penalty from using the attachment. The only downside is that it lowers the one shot kill range in Hardcore and the range of the two headshot kill, which isn't consistenty achieved enough to be bothered about. Of all weapons in Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer, the FAD is among the best weapons to use the Silencer on. The loss of headshotting range with the Silencer is a minuscule price to pay for stealth benefits.

The Grenade Launcher cannot be relied upon to instantly kill enemies like in previous incarnations, but it can be used as a scouting tool when combined with Recon.

The Heartbeat Sensor is not a great option. Assassin is extremely popular and users of the perk do not appear on the Heartbeat Sensor at all, so it will often just act as nothing more than decoration.

The Shotgun is a terrible choice due to its unreliability. The FAD's hip-fire is more consistent than the shotgun.

Extended Mags is an extremely attractive attachment choice on the FAD, increasing the magazine capacity to a whopping sixty rounds, and increasing the starting ammo loadout to a gargantuan 180 rounds. Extended Mags is never a bad attachment choice, and on the FAD, it boosts the FAD's magazine capacity enough to give it a unique sustained firepower edge over other weapons.

Infinity Ward has released a hotfix that buffed the FAD's damage to a four shot kill, the FAD will now require four shots at any range making it similar to some light machine gun in that aspect. Prior to a patch, adding any underbarrel attachment to the FAD lowered its rate of fire. However, this patch still persists in Spec Ops. On the Wii version, adding any scope attachment would also decrease the rate of fire. Niether one of these has ever been patched on the Wii version.

Special Ops

The FAD is available for both Survival and Mission modes.

Mission Mode

The FAD is an enemy weapon in the Mission Mode mission "Fatal Extraction".

Survival Mode

The FAD is available in Survival Mode at level 32 and costs $3000.

The FAD is also used by heavy commando troops in later waves. It is a very strong weapon at close to mid range, but its high recoil leads to a loss of accuracy at range. The attachments for the FAD are the same for all assault rifles. It is quite effective due to the fact that it has a 40-round magazine and has higher overall ammo and more ammo can be picked up in later rounds. After wave 20, all heavy commandos are equipped with one and it is used by them for the remainder of the match, meaning that it can be used by the player without having to pay $750 for an ammo refill.



  • Kick - Unlocked at weapon level 4.
  • Impact - Unlocked at weapon level 9.
  • Attachments - Unlocked at weapon level 12.
  • Focus - Unlocked at weapon level 16.
  • Breath - Unlocked at weapon level 22.
  • Stability - Unlocked at weapon level 28.


For camouflage pictures, see FAD/Camouflage.
For attachment pictures, see FAD/Attachments.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

"Fully automatic. High rate of fire with moderate recoil."
— Description

The FAD returns in Call of Duty: Ghosts.


The FAD appears in multiple missions, being used by the Federation. It's the primary weapon in "The Ghost Killer". It has a noticeably lower rate of fire than its multiplayer counterpart.


The FAD costs 6 squad points to purchase.

The FAD has low but consistent damage. At any range before sixteen meters, the FAD will deal 34 damage per bullet, needing three shots to kill. Damage decreases linearly until 45 meters. At any range beyond 45 meters, the FAD will deal 25 damage per bullet, needing four shots to kill. The FAD will be a one shot kill in Hardcore game types out to roughly 29 meters. Due to the FAD's low maximum damage, the FAD has the worst default three hit kill range of all the assault rifles, with the FAD's three shot kill range being only sixteen meters long. In essence, as soon as damage begins to drop off, the FAD will drop to a four shot kill. Thankfully, never needing more than four shots to kill is a nice perk. A headshot will deal forty percent extra damage, allowing the FAD to achieve a three hit kill at all distances, and a headshot will kill at any range in Hardcore game types. The FAD has medium penetration power.

The FAD compensates for low damage and range with a high rate of fire. The FAD has the fastest fire rate in its class, clocking in at 882 RPM. This fire rate not only trumps all other assault rifles, but it also beats out a few SMGs and all of the LMGs. This high fire rate makes the FAD a very competitive weapon in close-quarters combat.

The FAD's accuracy is decent. The iron sights, although unusual, are relatively clean, and the recoil per shot is relatively mild. The FAD has recoil values of 48 to the left, 48 to the right, 59 upwards, and 23 downwards. The recoil in net will drift upwards, without much horizontal recoil. The FAD will also have ten percent lighter recoil on the first eight shots in a burst, an effect that can also stack with the Grip. However, the FAD's accuracy will wane with prolonged fire, as the FAD has a relatively poor centerspeed of 1350. Couple the lacklustre centerspeed with the high fire rate, and the FAD will tend to slowly drift off target, especially when firing more than eight bullets. The FAD's accuracy is generally good enough to be controllable at medium ranges.

The FAD has standard handling characteristics. The FAD allows the user to move at 90% of the base speed, strafe at 36% of the base speed, aim down the sight in 300 milliseconds, and the FAD has moderately sized hip-fire crosshairs. The FAD's reload speed, however, is by far the worst in its class. The reload animation is 3.23 seconds long, or 3.9 seconds long if the magazine is completely empty. In either case, the user can Reload Cancel after 2.3 seconds. This reload cancel speed is absolutely horrible, and makes the FAD one of the slowest reloading magazine-fed weapons in the entire game. Users must be careful when reloading the FAD.

The FAD compensates for its dreadful reload speed with the best magazine capacity in its class. The FAD has a large 42 round magazine. This 42 round magazine gels very well with the FAD's enhanced rate of fire. The extra large magazines will also give the user a larger starting ammo loadout than other assault rifles, as the user will spawn in with 126 rounds total.

The FAD has the standard assortment of attachments available. The optical sights are all available to the FAD, with no unique performance quirks to note.

The Flash Suppressor will reduce the muzzle flash of the FAD. If the user doesn't need the stealth benefit of the Silencer but still wants the flash hiding benefits, then the Flash Suppressor will serve that role. That said, not many players are in that specific boat, so this attachment sees little use. The Muzzle Brake will increase the FAD's three hit kill range to nineteen meters, and increase the FAD's one shot kill range in Hardcore game types to roughly 35 meters. The Muzzle Brake isn't a great fit on the FAD, as the FAD's three hit kill range is poor to begin with, and the FAD isn't a great fit in Hardcore game types due to its slightly lacking one hit kill range, so it's best to avoid the Muzzle Brake. The Silencer gels extremely well with the FAD, as the range penalty associated with the Silencer's usage will be minimal on the FAD, and the combination of a high minimum damage value plus the high fire rate make the loss in range of little note.

All underbarrel attachments are available. The Grenade Launcher is available, and is a plenty viable option when paired with Danger Close. The Shotgun is completely unnecessary on the FAD, as the FAD is already very capable in CQC. Being good in CQC is one of the main reasons to use the FAD. The Grip reduces the recoil per shot by ten percent, and this effect can stack with the FAD's innate recoil-lowering effect to make the recoil values nineteen percent smaller on the first eight shots. The Grip is never a bad attachment choice, and one should always consider equipping it on the FAD.

The FAD has the modification attachments all available. Semi-automatic and Burst Fire are both awful fits on the FAD due to its poor damage values and range. Armor-Piercing is an okay if situational attachment that allows the user to eviscerate Juggernaut armor as well as Ballistic Vests users. This attachment will also increase the FAD's penetration power, on top of dealing extra damage to pointstreaks that can be damaged by the user. Armor-Piercing provides a bunch of benefits, but the FAD isn't very well equipped to take advantage of it. Probably the best modification attachment on offer for the FAD is Extended Mags, which increases the FAD's magazine capacity to a mammoth 63 rounds, as well as boosting the starting ammo loadout to 189 rounds. This gives the user ammo and sustained fire capability comparable to LMGs, but in an assault rifle body. This attachment allows the user to fully utilize the FAD to its strengths, having a sustained fire capability that few weapons can match. Extended Mags also near-completely eliminates the need for Scavenger.




Under Barrel



For attachment images, see FAD/Attachments.
For camouflage images, see FAD/Camouflage.


Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • The FAD has a built in foregrip, but the player does not hold it unless the Grip attachment is equipped.
  • "Fusil Automático Doble" (Spanish for Dual Automatic Rifle) can be seen written on the side.
  • The third person model has its front sight flipped up at all times, even if optical attachments are in use.