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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty Online
For other variants, see FAL and XM-LAR.

The FAL OSW (known as SA-58 in early footage and game files) is an Assault Rifle featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty Online.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II


"Fully automatic assault rifle. Slow rate of fire with high damage output."
— Campaign description

The FAL OSW is available for custom loadout in campaign upon completion of the level "Suffer With Me". It is fully-automatic by default, unlike its multiplayer counterpart. It first appeared in Fallen Angel, being used by ISI soldiers. it is also used by Mercs thoughout Karma. Suppressed OSW's are also used by Cordis Die PMC's.


"Semi-automatic assault rifle. Light recoil with strong damage output."
— Description

The FAL OSW is unlocked at level 22, alongside the Primary Gunfighter wildcard.

The FAL OSW is a high damage, moderate-range assault rifle. At any range short of sixteen meters, the FAL OSW will deal 55 damage per bullet, needing two shots to kill. At any range between sixteen meters and 57 meters, the FAL OSW will deal 49 damage per bullet. At any range past 57 meters, the FAL OSW will deal 40 damage. In essence, the FAL OSW will need two shots to kill at ranges short of sixteen meters, and three shots to kill at ranges longer than sixteen meters. The FAL OSW deals twenty percent extra damage on a headshot, but this only makes a difference in terms of shots to kill when the FAL OSW is dealing 49 damage per bullet. The FAL OSW has high penetration power, allowing it to retain most of its damage when shooting through walls. The FAL OSW is a one shot kill at all ranges in Hardcore game types, and its elevated damage brings the possibility of getting one shot kills when shooting through walls.

The FAL OSW's rate of fire is a tad slow for an assault rifle. Being semi-automatic, the FAL OSW has a firecap of 625 RPM. This is one of the highest firecaps in Black Ops 2 multiplayer. Players with good trigger fingers can manage to make the FAL OSW fire quite fast.

The FAL OSW's accuracy is excellent. The iron sights are simple, but many players do not favor these iron sights. The recoil per shot on the FAL OSW is low and consistent. The FAL OSW kicks with recoil values of 35 to the left and to the right. The FAL OSW has no downwards recoil value, instead always kicking upwards. The FAL OSW always kicks with a value of 30 or 35 upwards. Although the FAL OSW has no downwards recoil value to counteract the upwards recoil pull, the upwards recoil is incredibly consistent, enabling the user to easily counteract it. The FAL OSW has a centerspeed value of 1550 to counteract the recoil, which is quite good. The combination of a decent centerspeed value, lower overall fire rate, and low, consistent recoil makes the FAL OSW very easy to use in terms of accuracy.

The FAL OSW's handling characterisitcs are poor for an assault rifle. The FAL OSW allows users to move at 95% of the base movement speed, but strafe at only 40% of the base movement speed. The FAL OSW allows users to aim down the sights in 250 milliseconds. The FAL OSW's main handling woe is its hip-fire spread, being larger than other assault rifles in this regard. This makes hip-fire very inconsistent on the FAL OSW compared to other assault rifles. The FAL OSW's reload speeds are decent. The FAL OSW's reload animation is 2.15 seconds long, or 2.7 seconds long if the magazine was completely empty. The user can Reload Cancel after 1.5 seconds. These reload speeds are typical for an assault rifle.

Another weakness of the FAL OSW is its magazine capacity. The FAL OSW has the second smallest magazine capacity in its class, holding just 25 rounds per magazine. The smaller magazines also mean that the user spawns in with less ammo overall, as the starting ammo loadout for the FAL OSW is only 100 rounds. For a semi-automatic assault rifle, however, both values are more than enough for comfort.

The FAL OSW gets the standard assortment of assault rifle attachments on offer. The optical attachments are very popular choices on the FAL OSW to take full advantage of its favorable accuracy characteristics and good long range performance.

The Quickdraw Handle reduces the aim down sight time to 150 milliseconds, allowing users to snap onto target much more quickly. This attachment is without penalty, and can really assist more aggressive users. However, a faster aim speed isn't necessary for some users.

Fast Mag and Extended Clip will improve the FAL OSW's reloading situations. Fast Mag will make the FAL OSW's reloads quick and painless, whereas Extended Clip will increase the magazine capacity to 34 rounds, and extending the starting ammo loadout to 136 rounds. Extended Clip will make the reloads ten percent longer, but the benefit is well worth the cost.

The Foregrip will increase the FAL OSW's centerspeed from 1550 to 1581. 31 extra centerspeed is not significant enough to warrant spending a pick ten point on it.

The Adjustable Stock will allow the user to strafe at 88% of the base movement speed instead of the paltry 40% standard strafe speed. This allows users to move much more quickly while keeping their sights raised.

The Laser Sight will greatly improve the FAL OSW's hip-fire accuracy. This could be beneficial for those not using a secondary weapon with their FAL OSW, as it will allow the FAL OSW user to hold their own in CQC with an adequate enough trigger finger. Even still, the FAL OSW remains inconsistent in CQC due to its slow fire rate, especially for those with subpar trigger fingers.

Select Fire allows the FAL OSW to be fired fully automatically. However, this attachment comes with a number of severe penalties:

  • The two shot kill range is reduced to 7.5 meters.
  • The maximum rate of fire is 468 RPM.
  • The horizontal recoil values are increased from 35 each to 45 each.
  • The centerspeed is drastically reduced from 1550 to 900.

These changes make the FAL OSW far less lethal overall, in addition to making the FAL OSW wildly inaccurate due to the terrible centerspeed being unable to adequately counter the constant upwards recoil of the FAL OSW. The number of severe disadvantages associated with firing the FAL OSW fully automatically make the attachment highly detrimental to performance unless the user has an especially poor trigger finger.

The Suppressor reduces muzzle flash, makes the FAL OSW quieter when firing, and prevents the FAL OSW from revealing the player's position on radar, in exchange for shortening the two shot kill range down to 11.3 meters, and shortening the two headshot kill range down to forty meters. Despite having the potential for a two shot kill, the FAL OSW isn't particularly reliant on it due to it being short to begin with. As such, the Suppressor is a solid attachment on the FAL OSW, especially when using it at longer ranges, where the Suppressor's main benefit is mostly nullified. The centerspeed will be reduced from 1550 to 1519, but this will hardly make any difference.

FMJ will further improve the FAL OSW's penetration power, allowing it to retain a significant amount of its damage when shooting through obstructions, and improving damage dealt to scorestreaks. The attachment is without downside, but one needs to be willing to make use of its advantages for it to be of value.

The Grenade Launcher provides two grenades for the player to use in an anti-personnel role. The attachment is best used alongside Fast Mag, as said attachment will improve the Grenade Launcher's reload speed, thus increasing its fire rate.

The FAL OSW is a very versatile weapon. The extra ammo it has as a semi-automatic assault rifle is a big boon, and the FAL OSW's combination of excellent accuracy and decent firecap makes the FAL OSW a favorite for those with good trigger fingers, providing accurate fire at a solid rate. However, the FAL OSW's poor two shot kill range makes the FAL OSW struggle at medium ranges at times, as the player will need a good trigger finger to maintain pace with weapons like longer ranged assault rifles and LMGs. At long ranges, the FAL OSW will shine with its good long-range damage in addition to its accuracy.

Much like the KAP-40, the FAL OSW is banned in League Play; this makes it the only primary weapon in the game to be banned in such game types.


  1. Reflex Sight (unlocked weapon level 2)
  2. Quickdraw (unlocked weapon level 3)
  3. Fast Mag (unlocked weapon level 4)
  4. ACOG Scope (unlocked weapon level 5)
  5. Foregrip (unlocked weapon level 6)
  6. Adjustable Stock (unlocked weapon level 7)
  7. Target Finder (unlocked weapon level 8)
  8. Laser Sight (unlocked weapon level 9)
  9. Select Fire (unlocked weapon level 10)
  10. EOTech Sight (unlocked weapon level 11)
  11. Suppressor (unlocked weapon level 12)
  12. FMJ (unlocked weapon level 13)
  13. Hybrid Optic (unlocked weapon level 14)
  14. Extended Clip (unlocked weapon level 15)
  15. Grenade Launcher (M320) (unlocked weapon level 16)
  16. MMS (unlocked weapon level 17)


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Call of Duty Online

The FAL OSW returns in Call of Duty Online as the FA7.62-L.




Call of Duty: Black Ops II

  • The FAL OSW's serial number is "0841774".
  • The number "42" is written near the magazine.
  • The tape on the FAL OSW's magazine changes color depending on what camo the player is using. For example, if the player's camo is Blue Tiger, the magazine's tape will be blue.
  • Tally markings are written on the side of the gun.
  • When reloading if the FAL OSW is out of ammo, the used and totally empty magazine still has some bullets in it.