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For the unit in Call of Duty: Heroes, see FTL Trooper.

"Prototype FTL Class battle rig. Utilizes bleeding edge technology to ensure combat advantage."
— In-game description.

FTL is a Cort-Sol combat rig in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The FTL rig is designed for Fluid, Tactical, and Laterigrade (FTL) gameplay with an emphasis on being advantageous over one's opponent.


Along with the Warfighter, Phantom, and Merc, the FTL is one of four combat rigs seen in the campaign, and is used frequently by SetDef troopers both in ground combat and in ship assault missions.

Multiplayer Edit

FTL is unlocked for use at level 15. It is the first combat rig to be unlocked aside from the default combat rigs.




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