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Facing the Dragon is an achievement/trophy for Call of Duty: Black Ops II in the zombies map Die Rise. It requires the player to face the dragon on the roof on the first round.

There are two ways this achievement/trophy can be obtained, and both require 750 points to perform:

  • The player can use the elevator in the starting room to get to the power room, then jump on the roof of one of the elevators in the power room which will eventually ascend to the top of the skyscraper. There, the player can see the dragon. This method is arguably faster in solo.
  • The player can open the door in the starting room, drop down two floors and build the Trample Steam, then use it to fling themself onto the roof of the opposite skyscraper. There, the player can see the dragon. As the player can only carry one part of the four required, doing this in solo may take some time as the Quick Revive elevator is rather slow. However, with four players this method is arguably faster as the elevator needs not to be waited for.
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