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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

"David Mason's team heads to Pakistan to spy on Menendez, who has co-opted rogue ISI leaders to reverse engineer a downed US drone."
— Mission description

"Fallen Angel" is the fifth mission in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II single-player campaign. It involves the player taking control of David Mason as he attempts to infiltrate Anthem, one of Raul Menendez's strongholds, to gather any intel on Raul Menendez by tapping on his conversations.



Zhao secret meeting details discovered

Surveillance intel gathering incomplete

Harper successfully protected

Harper badly wounded


  • If the player manages to record all three of Menedez's conversations, they will learn of Zhao's secret meeting details, which will lead to additional reinforcements in the Strike Force mission, Dispatch.
  • At the end of the mission, Mason is driving a jeep with Harper, when there is a massive explosion and fire. If Mason chooses to drive on the left side then Harper will receive a disfiguring facial burn for the remainder of the story. If Mason chooses to drive on the right side Harper will be protected. This is purely cosmetic and does not affect the rest of the story, aside from some additional dialogue at the beginning of Karma.

Video Walkthrough


Completing 2 challenges unlocks Hold Breath for single player loadout.
Completing 5 challenges unlocks Ballistic Knife and Spring Knife for single player loadout.

  • Avoid damage from large debris in streets.
  • Direct CLAWs to eliminate enemy personnel (x8) in the flooded street.
  • Record 400TB of data from Menendez surveillance.
  • Incinerate enemy personnel (x10) with flamethrower attachment.
  • Protect CLAWs (x2) from destruction.
  • Deploy SOC-T boost to find alternate routes (x2).
  • Destroy enemy vehicles (x20) with drone missiles.
  • Destroy enemy vehicles (x8) with the SOC-T.
  • Collect intel (x3).
  • 100% survivability rating.

Weapon Loadout

Recommended Loadout

Found in Level

Access Kit Usage

  • The flamethrower for Brutus.
  • A fuse box used to open a door that allows Salazar and the CLAWs to fight from the rooftop level, just after leaving the flooded shop at the beginning, albeit for only a short time.
  • A door which lets Section listen to a conversation about arriving SOC-Ts.


Intel Items



Main article: Fallen Angel/Transcript


The interrogation room.

  • At one point in the mission, Harper and Section will come across an interrogation room. This room is similar to the one where Alex Mason was held in Call of Duty: Black Ops.
    • They will also mention how those rooms were used by CIA in the 1960s, which was the plot for Call of Duty: Black Ops.
  • If the player has subtitles on, when Harper says, "These drones are really starting to piss me off," it censors "piss", even if the graphic content is not reduced.
  • Though potentially difficult to do, if the player alerts the drone helicopter and manages to avoid its attacks then Harper will destroy it. The easiest way to do so is to reach the wall on the other side of the street after first seeing the drone and then hide behind it after deliberately being spotted.
    • It is possible for the player to destroy the drones by using a powerful weapon such as the Barrett M82A1 or the Titus-6' underbarrel shotgun if chosen as a loadout before the level (or even the Death Machine, after having completed the campaign before). This way, the player can just move through the flooded streets without being killed.
    • If the drone helicopter the player is supposed to avoid is destroyed, when Harper reaches the two soldiers standing above the sewer entrance, he will shoot them both immediately.
  • During the SOC-T sequence of the level, it is possible to hear the track "Pakistan Run" from Black Ops II OST.
  • The looters being killed by the MQ Drone drop usable Tac-45s.
  • The spy that DeFalco shoots in the knees was a member of the ISI.
  • When meeting Zhao, Crosby disappears and another SEAL will take his place.
  • On the Behind the Scenes of the reveal trailer, Salazar can be seen hiding from the MQ Drone under the ISI truck. However, he was wearing the clothes from the mission "Karma".
  • When the player must hide from the MQ Drone, the player's field of view is decreased dramatically. 
  • DeFalco's theme can be heard while he is talking to Menendez by the VTOL Warship.
  • If the player tries to record Menendez's conversation with DeFalco from outside the computer room, Harper will say "You're gonna give away our position". If the player stays outside, they will take damage from nowhere until they die.
  • During the underwater sequence several books adorning the Ascension Group logo can be spotted.