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"For Urzikstan!"
— Farah's battlecry

Commander Farah Ahmed Karim is one of the three playable protagonists of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Farah was released as an Allegiance Operator with the Season Six of Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone.



Years later, Farah would go on to become the leader of the Urzikstan Liberation Force (ULF), a group of over 7,000 volunteer freedom fighters determined to free their country from foreign subjugation. To accomplish their goals, the ULF would often fight alongside and receive support from both the US Central Intelligence Agency and the British Special Air Service; the latter of which would establish a working relationship with Captain John Price.

Farah is a founding member and the commander of the Urzikstan Liberation Force, battling foreign occupation since 2010. She is renowned not only for leading the resistance against enemy troops but for establishing protective units to combat terror groups throughout Urzikstan. Under Farah's leadership, civilian militias play a critical role in the fight to return their subjugated population to sovereignty. Her forces comprise male and female volunteer fighters with a maximum age limit. Farah does not allow those under the age of 15 to take part in frontline fighting, but anyone and everyone are invited to undergo military training and join her reserves.

To protect her people from owing a debt to the world, Farah accepts only select funding and equipment from the international community, preferring to keep her forces reliant on their own for material support. Raising her army with little more than commandeered weapons and unofficial support from the SAS's legendary Bravo Squadron, Farah says, “Will is the most powerful weapon.” As a girl, in the opening salvos of the invasion, she and her brother Hadir were captured, spending their teens held as POWs by General Barkov's rogue forces where captives were subjected to forced labor, routinely witnessing acts of chemical experimentation on fellow prisoners.

In 2009, Farah led an escape, fighting alongside a western aide unit. She vowed then to give her life to free her country from subjugation and chaos. When asked if women can be as effective as men in combat, Farah describes the question as sexist and objectifying. Farah wants to give women their rightful place, not only in combat but in a society free from war. For Farah, war is more than the liberation of land. "We are also fighting to free our people from old-fashioned ways."

Impressed by seeing females in combat and leadership roles, wives, mothers, and daughters fight without pay, food or medicine to follow Farah into battle. Farah's modern beliefs have had far-reaching effects, and occupying soldiers often directly hunt and target her. Labeled a terrorist organization by the Russian government for their long-standing resistance, Russian soldiers are ordered to make no distinction between the terror group Al-Qatala and the liberation fighters under Farah's command. AQ terrorists pursue Farah and the ULF with a mandate to kill as well.

Farah's worldview draws a sharp line of demarcation between herself and the enemy. "The enemy has come where they are not welcomed and taking what is not theirs." Farah refuses to stage counter-offensives or launch attacks beyond the borders of her country, believing with all her heart that what distinguishes her from the terrorists and the occupiers are never crossing the line from defender to aggressor. "We are a protective force. We are rescuers, not killers."[1]

Early life

Farah Ahmed Karim was born in 1992 in the town of Riyzabbi, Urzikstan, to Walid Karim and Fatima Karim. Her childhood is largely unknown, but it can be assumed that she and her brother Hadir studied at an unknown school.

In 1999, when Farah was 7-years-old, Russian forces were present in Urzikstan. Farah and her mother were buried by rubble from a Russian artillery strike, killing the latter. Farah managed to survive and was rescued until the Russians began advancing upon the people of Urzikstan. Being carried by her father to their home to prepare for an escape, Farah and her brother, Hadir, were soon on their own when a Russian soldier broke into their home and murdered their father. After killing the soldier and donning a gas mask, Farah and Hadir snuck out of their home, evading Russian troopers and attempting to escape via truck. They were then immediately captured by Roman Barkov, the Russian General responsible for invading their homeland, and were taken into his custody to be imprisoned.[2]

Life in Prison

After being captured by the Russians, Farah and Hadir were held as prisoners of war for several years. For them, and for their fellow inmates, life inside prison, and solitary confinement, was harsh. They were not given water, they were hardly fed, and they were consistently waterboarded for information on "Commander Karim" (who turned out to be Farah but Barkov already knew this).

Whilst imprisoned, she was given a key by Hadir, which (unbeknownst to both of them) opened a weapon locker. Barkov then arrived and mockingly commented on the two having "a family reunion," before Hadir insulted Barkov only to be shocked with a taser. Barkov then ordered his men to take Hadir to a warehouse, while he personally dealt with Farah. After mockingly asking Farah if she was thirsty and wanted any water, Barkov spilled all the water in his canteen to taunt her, before she was then asked who was "Karim." She either lied by saying "Karim" was "dead," swore at him, told the truth (which he claimed as a lie), or remained silent, after which she was waterboarded. When being asked who was "Karim" again, and she told him the truth Barkov said she was lying to "protect Karim." Barkov then brought one of Farah's female allies, Azadeh into the room, and threatened to execute her if Farah did not tell the truth. After being waterboarded, and if she survived it without passing out, Barkov then asks Farah who was "Karim." Farah can either spit in his face, lie (which both cause Barkov to execute Azadeh in cold blood, despite Farah saying that Azadeh was harmless), or tell the truth, the latter of which saddened Azadeh, causing her to scold Farah for giving up her secret. Azadeh was then dragged away while Barkov pistol whipped Farah in the face and took her back to her prison cell. He then asked if she was hungry and held out a bowl of food, and whether Farah tries accepting it or doesn't do anything, Barkov throws it at the wall in anger and asks her if what she was experiencing "was a game". He then asked Farah where the key that Hadir gave her was. Farah can then choose to:

  • Tell the truth: Barkov says that he already knew Farah had the key.
  • Spit in Barkov's face: Barkov says that he "likes it".
  • Lie:
    • If Azadeh was executed, Farah will say that she had the key. Barkov disapproves of this, saying that Azadeh was checked thoroughly.
    • If Azadeh was spared, Farah will say that Hadir had the key in his cell.

All options lead to Barkov punching Farah in the face, briefly knocking her down. He then screams in anger and proclaims that Urzikstan "is a breeding ground for terrorists," and that he is there to "bring law and order to this land, and no terrorist theme will harm [his] country" as he starts strangling Farah, before he is interrupted by an explosion, and asks a soldier what is happening, before he is then reminded that they are under attack. He orders his men to take all the prisoners to the warehouse to kill them. Before leaving, however, he tells Farah that she hasn't saved her people, but instead killed them. Farah then escaped from her cell. After killing a few guards, she makes it to the main cell block, and is greeted by her sisters, Ayah, Azadeh, Darine, Ghalia and Nadia, who are extremely overjoyed and happy that she escaped, before begging her to open the door, which she does. They then grabbed AK-47's and frag grenades before escaping the main prison complex, and reaching the warehouse where Barkov took Hadir. Unfortunately they were ambushed by the Russian Forces before being saved by an SAS squad led by then-Lieutenant John Price. Afterwards, they saved Hadir and left the prison.


In 2019, Farah, now in her late 20s, agreed to help CIA operations officer Alex to deal with stolen Russian gas, but only if he helped them take back their country from Barkov's men. Disguised as civilians, and being given C4 by Hadir, Alex and Farah were forced to blend in to avoid being seen, as the Russians wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone with a weapon. After destroying two helicopters and escaping, Farah and Alex then went to destroy the Russian airbase at Al-Raab. Using suicidal RC planes with C4, the ULF managed to capture an armory and steal Russian weapons. However, their hideout was soon attacked, which cut off their RC drones. After capturing another armory, the team were outnumbered by Russian reinforcements, including tanks and helicopters. However, US air support arrived and assisted them, with the battle resulting in a ULF victory. Eventually, after the capture of Omar "The Wolf" Sulaman, Al-Qatala forces led by Jamal "The Butcher" Rahar stormed and ransacked the US embassy in Urzikstan, killing hundreds of civilians and US Marines. Farah assisted the team to defend the ambassador residence from Al-Qatala, but they were ultimately too late as The Butcher had freed The Wolf. Afterwards, Farah and the team split up, with Price, Kyle and a unit of the ULF clearing house-to-house in search of The Wolf and Butcher, as they knew that Al-Qatala terrorist cells in the city would hide them both.

After ambushing Al-Qatala insurgents at the Highway of Death, they were notified by Price that The Wolf managed to flee the city, with the Russians closing in. After repelling more Al-Qatala insurgents with mortars, the Russians arrived. Despite inflicting severe casualties on the enemy forces, Farah and her soldiers were soon overrun. Outnumbered, Hadir convinced Alex to get to his truck as it had explosives. However, in reality, Hadir actually made a deal with Al-Qatala and stole the Russian gas, which enraged Farah. After leading them both to safety, Hadir attempted to apologize to his sister, who instead berated him for his actions, before passing out. Hadir then apologized to Alex, before saying that the only reason he had stolen the gas was to help and protect his people, before he ran off and left them both for dead. A flashback mission then started, which explained Hadir and Farah's extreme hatred of Barkov. Farah then assisted Bravo Squad to locate Hadir and the stolen gas, and kill The Wolf. After finding The Wolf, she and Alex killed him and defused the suicide vest that he had strapped to himself. After bagging The Wolf's corpse and returning to base, Farah's forces were then put on the Foreign Terror Organization, due to suspicion of harboring chemical weapons. Farah and Alex then returned to Urzikstan. After Hadir was captured and handed over to the Russians, Price and Garrick went to Urzikstan to attempt to get help from Farah to destroy Barkov's chemical weapons factory. Farah is hostile towards Price, and he informs her of her brother's fate before giving her the intel about the factory that he acquired back in Moldova. Knowing that any attack on Russian forces by Western forced would be a guaranteed act of war, along with NATO blaming Al-Qatala for the attack if Farah's army personally destroyed the factory, Farah and Alex decide to help.

Farah later assisted the team to destroy Barkov's gas factory and personally kill him. After fighting through his forces for a while, the team managed to get to the furnace. After fighting through a Juggernaut, Alex sacrificed himself to destroy the factory, as the detonator had been damaged. She and Nikolai then secretly hijacked Barkov's evac chopper, as he demanded to speak to the Russian President. However, they did not help, as Hadir had told them what had happened in Urzikstan. As an absolutely furious Barkov refused to accept this, Farah snuck up behind him and stabbed him. He immediately recognized her, and as she stabbed him more and more, he pleaded for his life so he could get his gun, even telling Farah that he could make her life easier and that he'd give her anything she wanted in exchange for sparing his life. After being unable to get up, due to Farah stabbing him several times, he showed absolutely no remorse for his crimes in Urzikstan, as he did what he did so he could "protect Russia from terrorists," which was just him making excuses for protecting his country. As Farah then said that she would kill him for her family, for Hadir, that she was Karim, and that Barkov was the only terrorist here, she then kicked him off the helicopter and killed him, avenging her country, her family, and everyone else who died in Urzikstan due to Barkov's invasion. She then requested Nikolai to fly them back to Urzikstan.


In late 2020, following the invasion of Verdansk by Al-Qatala with the help of Victor Zakhaev, Farah helped Nikolai reactivate the underground metro allowing Price and his Task Force 141 to locate Zakhaev. With the help of Alex and Marcus Griggs, Farah created a diversion while Price infiltrated a hidden missile silo and stopped Zakhaev from launching an ICBM towards Washington D.C in order to start a war between Russia and the West.


Farah is determined to protect her country and motherland. However she does not use motives that are not moral, such as using chemical methods or affiliating with the enemies, Hadir used these methods and claimed that he is not her brother anymore and tries to kill him for that. She has the same goal that her fellow Urzikstani people have that to free her country that she was raised in. Farah has good capability of defending herself and even going into war to her enemies that she declares greedy and immoralistic. She holds a massive amount of respect and affection for both her country and for her militia, as she has been known to call her militia fighters her "brothers," "sisters," and "cousins". She is not one to argue, although she is somewhat quick to anger, such as when she berates Hadir, and effectively disowns him as a brother, after he used the Russian gas he captured in Verdansk, to defeat Barkov's Forces during Highway of Death, and is later seen, enraged by his actions, screaming for him in anger when Price and Kyle arrive and save her and Alex. She is also willing to sacrifice her own life for her country, as her only goal then was to kill Barkov and save her country from the Russians. She also seems to view women as just as capable in combat as men. She also seems to like dogs, because when Alex says she "has cat-like reflexes" in the mission Embedded, she explains how she's "more of a dog person".


Fatima Karim

While Farah and Fatima were never seen together, it is assumed that they had a loving mother-daughter relationship. Farah was shown to be extremely saddened over her mother's death (as seen in Hometown). After she and father Walid are reunited, they are both shown to be shocked by Fatima's death.

Walid Karim

Walid and Farah had a good father-daughter relationship. After being rescued in Hometown, Walid is extremely overjoyed to see his daughter still alive, but is horrified to see Fatima, his wife and Farah and Hadir's mother, dead. As Farah and Hadir attempt to leave their house to escape to the mountains, J-12 enters their house and points his AK-47 at Walid. Despite Walid begging for J-12 to stop, saying that the only other people in the house were Farah and Hadir, J-12 refuses and continues to point his gun at Walid and his children. Seeing no other option to avoid a fight, Walid throws his backpack at J-12 and the two begin fighting. Hadir attempts to intervene but is knocked unconscious. After J-12 is killed by Farah and Hadir, he says his final goodbye to his children. He tells them to "survive, whatever it takes," and to "never back down", before he passes away from his wounds. Farah is shown to be severely saddened by her father's death, as she starts crying and calls him "daddy." Later, during 2019, Farah mentions her deceased father to Alex, saying that he called Hadir "shabal" (his little lion). Alex asks Farah what happened to her father, but she doesn't say anything except that he died, fighting."

Hadir Karim

Hadir is Farah's older brother and lieutenant in the Urzikstan Liberation Force. Unbeknownst to her, he had stolen Russian-made chlorine gas following a failed US Marine operation in Kastovia. He is loyal to her, as well, as he helped her destroy Barkov's airbase in Urzikstan. However, after his betrayal, she was determined to find him. Following his capture at the hands of Price and Garrick, and subsequent hand-over to Russia, she knew that the Russians would more then likely kill him.

Captain Price

Price and Farah have a good friendship, as Price saved Farah when she was in prison, which was the first ever time the Urzikstan Liberation Force had been assisted by Western Forces. She also assists Price to help defend the embassy from AQ, and to kill the Wolf. Price also helps Farah to destroy Barkov's gas factory, but he is unable to prevent his escape. Farah, however, kills him to avenge her family and country. Afterwards, she helped him to kill Victor Zakhaev. Despite cutting ties with the West after her forces were labeled as a terrorist force by the United States, she still remains allies with him, although she is somewhat reluctant to help him destroy Barkov's chemical weapons factory in Georgia, until he informs her of Hadir's fate, and the intel he recovered from Barkov's Residence in Moldova.



Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Halmasti Legendary Halmasti MW.png Battle Pass Season Six Tier 0
Jinn Legendary Jinn MW.png Operator Mission
Unbroken Will Legendary Unbroken Will MW.png Operator Mission


Name Rarity How to obtain
Fight is Over Epic Operator Mission

Finishing Moves

Name Rarity How to obtain
Lose By A Neck Epic Unlocked by default
Universal Finishing Moves

Call of Duty: Mobile

Farah appears in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added on September 23, 2021, during Season 8: 2nd Anniversary as part of the Clan Store. Later, in Season 4: Wild Dogs, Farah appears in the Comics.

She is shown to be escorting Price’s team comprising of Ghost & Gaz, together with Roach in Morocco. She briefs them about the current situation, insinuating that it can be traced back to the time of French colonial rule, but is interrupted by Roach before she can finish.


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