Prince Farhad
Prince Farhad
Farhad, as seen in the news broadcast cutscene
Appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized
Rank Prince
Affiliations Insurgency

Farhad is the main antagonist of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized. He is only seen once, in the news broadcast cutscene, but he is mentioned throughout the entire game.

Biography Edit

Prince Farhad is the former ruler of a Middle Eastern country in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized. He flees the country when it is invaded by Ultranationalists, and blames the United Nations for not helping. In an act of revenge, Farhad decides to purchase a nuclear device from Colonel Ayala to use against the invaders. The United States Marine Corps and the British Special Air Service attempt to stop Farhad by questioning Colonel Ayala. However, Farhad's allies, a number of insurgents, are ordered to kill Ayala to prevent any leakage of information. The nuke is then manufactured and transported away just before the SAS destroy the factory. The convoy that transported the nuke is taken out, leaving the warhead vulnerable to capture. Farhad's insurgents manage to resecure the nuke before the SAS can intercept it. The nuclear device is then brought to a warehouse, where it is kept until it is ready for transport to an oil rig. When Farhad discovers that the USMC have infiltrated the oil rig, he transports the nuke to an ore refinery in northern Russia. His insurgents activate the nuclear device only to be stopped by the SAS, who disarm the nuke. Prince Farhad's fate is unknown after the disarming of the nuke.

Quotes Edit

"My people will not stand for this illegal occupation. We will have our country back!"
— News broadcast cutscene
"Our vengeance will fall on our invaders as well as our fair weather friends who abandoned us in our time of need!"
— News broadcast cutscene

Trivia Edit

  • An invulnerable Insurgent can be seen in the campaign mission "Last Chance" running away in the room where the nuke is and is likely to be Prince Farhad. Also, the AC-130 that supports the squad reports that it has lost contact with Farhad who possibly runs into the doorway leading to the heli pad (Capt. Bell orders the squad to regroup at the heli pad which the doorway obviously leads to (as it's O' Neil's only way out).
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