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Farm is a Zombies Survival and Grief map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It is a submap of the map Green Run and is the third location in the TranZit mode. Like all other Green Run submaps (Bus Depot, Diner and Town), there is no Power Switch, so the perks are able to be bought at the beginning of the game. Farm has the least amount of lava out of all of the three Green Run survival maps, but is mostly obscured by a thick green fog.




  • Lawn Mower
  • RPD Machine Gun
  • RPD Box Magazine
  • Possible Bus Part



Buildable ObjectsEdit

Nacht der UntotenEdit

Around the path leading to the farm there is a large corn field. In the middle of the corn field players can find the original zombie map Nacht der Untoten. Denizens will not spawn in or around the building. However, the player can only go into the starting room, because the help room door is blocked by rocks, and the stairs to the upstairs have collapsed. The wall weapons are gone. To get into the building there is an opening next to the location where the Kar98k used to be.



Starting Weapons
Off-Wall Weapons
Mystery Box


Perk-a-Cola Machines

Grief Edit


  • If the player gets a sniper rifle and stands in front of the fence, they can see the barn before the Earth's destruction in the scope's reflection.
  • The Mystery Box can be activated if someone crouch jumps right beneath it, while standing on top of the left railing next to the pillar. The same can also be done for acquiring the player's box weapons. This is useful if one didn't want to open the door, as the door doesn't have to be open in order to do this. [1]
  • Rarely, when playing Tranzit mode and the Mystery Box is at Farm, after it has moved away from Farm and the player quits the map and plays Farm (not in Tranzit mode), the Mystery Box won't be there.
  • In the barn where Galvaknuckles are, if one stands by the window, a crow can be heard cawing.
  • If one stands near the fence close to the backdoor of the house, a wolf can be heard howling.




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