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"Faustblitz makes every strike your best. Your melee damage is increased."
— Notebook Information

Faustblitz ("Fist Blitz") is a Blitz featured in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies, requiring 2,000 Jolts. With this Blitz, the player deals double melee damage, with an example of this being the player's Shovel being able to kill zombies in one hit until Wave 15, stacking with mods that increase melee damage. This blitz acts similarly to Slappy Taffy from Infinite Warfare.


  • The Final Reich - On the second floor of the Command Room, near the Weapon Assembly Station.
  • Gröesten Haus - Obtained via the Random Blitz machine.
  • The Darkest Shore - In the Artillery Bunker, near the main artillery gun.
  • The Shadowed Throne - In the Museum, near the Combat Shotgun weapon locker.
  • The Tortured Path
    • Into the Storm - In the kitchen area of the farmhouse close to the light machine gun Waffenbox.
    • Across the Depths - In the Briefing Room, to the left of the second Ubersprengen device.
    • Beneath the Ice - On the right side of the map, to the left of the sniper rifle Waffenbox.
  • Bodega Cervantes - In the same location as Into the Storm.
  • U.S.S. Mount Olympus - In the same location as Across the Depths.
  • Altar of Blood - In the same location as Beneath the Ice.
  • The Frozen Dawn - In the Morgue, close to the Geistchild machine and the MP-40 weapon locker.

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