Soap is sitting at a table, loading an M4A1's magazine, and Shepherd is standing in the corner.

Shepherd: Start from the beginning.

A flashback begins. The view cuts to a satellite in space.

Command (male): 5-6-9-3, we got Kingfish's playground in sight.

Command (female): 141 is on the ground, in position.

Command (male): 2500 miles, target elevation is 2-2-1-5 in the cell.

Command (female): 6-4, copy that.

Command (male): Target is surrounded by multiple personnel.

Command (female): We're operating in a restricted ROB.

Command (male): Copy that, I think he's left the playground.

Command (female): Solid copy.

Command (male): Operation Kingfish is a go. Mission is kill or capture. I repeat, kill or capture.

Karkonosze Mountains, Ukraine

Price: 141 is moved to standby positions.

Sandman: We count four targets patrolling the roof of the east and west barracks. Targets are locked in. Delta ready to engage, over.

Command (male): Copy Delta, you are free to engage. Let's stir up the hornet's nest.

Sandman: (to Frost) Fire, fire, fire!

Frost takes down some targets with his sniper rifle.

Sandman: He's down. Hornet's Nest has been stirred! Spectre 6-4, you are clear to engage the playground.

AC-130 Pilot: Spectre 6-4's moving in. Light them up.

Russian soldiers are gunned down.

AC-130 Gunner: Good kill, good kill.

Russian soldiers: Ты их видишь? Откуда они стреляют? Что происходит? (Do you see them? Where are they shooting from? What is happening?)

AC-130 Pilot: Smoke that building.

The AC-130 destroys a building.

AC-130 Gunner: Ka-boom! 141, we got you covered. Go have some fun.

The team advances.

Russian soldier: Четыре солдата за- (Four soldiers are co-)

Soap shoots an enemy soldier.

Price: Spectre 6-4, fire at the west barracks.

AC-130 Pilot: You got it.

The barracks are destroyed. Soap takes down two Russian soldiers with his grenade launcher, then the team advances into the house.

Price: Spectre 6-4, Give us an entrance.

AC-130 Pilot: Rolling in.

Inside the house.

Price: Frag out!

Russian soldiers: Бля! Граната! (Fuck! Grenade!)

The team takes down some enemy soldiers.

Ghost: Clear right. Hallway, clear!

Price: Tossing grenade.

Russian soldiers: Блядь! Чёрт, чёрт, чёрт! (Fuck! Shit, shit, shit!)

Soap: Move up.

Roach plants an explosive charge on a door.

Price: 141 has arrived.

The door is blown up.

Soap: 9-Bang out!

The three blinded enemy soldiers are shot.

Ghost: All clear.

Price: 141 has arrived at target. There's no sign of Kingfish. I repeat, there is no sign of Kingfish.

Command (male): Copy 141, collect any intel you can. If he's not there, find out where he's going.

Soap: Price, you need to see this.

A picture of the Bravo Six team is shown with the deceased crossed out.

Soap: He's targeting Bravo Six.

A C4 explosive is seen under the table.

Price: Bomb! Get down!

The team escapes, then the C4 explodes. Now back to the briefing with Shepherd.

Present day

Soap: It was a trap.

Shepherd: I know. Tell me about Price.

The view cuts to the team, running to a V-22 Osprey for exfil.

Karkonosze Mountains, Ukraine

Soap: Move, move, move!

Price: 141 approaching evac point, requesting danger close fire!

AC-130 Pilot: Solid copy 141, we got you covered.

The AC-130 fires at enemy soldiers.

AC-130 Pilot: Whoahhh!

AC-130 Gunner: Hot damn! That's gotta hurt.

Russian solders: Сбейте самолёт! Прикрывайте меня, я стреляю! (Shoot the plane down! Cover me, I'm firing!)

A Russian soldier fires an RPG-7 at the AC-130.

AC-130 Gunner: That rocket fire? Shit, spark the flares, spark the flares!

AC-130 Pilot: Copy that, deploying flares.

AC-130 Gunner: Flares! Flares!

Flares are deployed, and the rocket misses the AC-130. The soldier launches another rocket.

AC-130 Gunner: Oh, shit, another one.

AC-130 Pilot: Here comes another one!

AC-130 Gunner: Break right, break right!

AC-130 Pilot: AARRRGH!

The AC-130 is destroyed.

Command (female): Spectre 6-4 is down. I repeat, Spectre 6-4 is...

Soap: Keep moving!

Sandman: RPG!

An RPG rocket is fired and explodes near Soap, wounding him.

Sandman: Covering fire! Roach! Pull!

Sandman and Roach drag Soap to the chopper.

Price: Go! That's an order!

Ghost: Fuck!

Frost and Ghost rush to the Osprey while Price fires at enemy soldiers.

Sandman: Price!

Command (male): Jigsaw, your orders are to take off immediately.

Sandman: No. Stop! We still have a man out there!

Helicopter Pilot: Sir, our orders are to evacuate now.

Sandman: We're not leaving anyone behind!

Price: Get that bird in the air!

Sandman: (to the pilot) I don't care what your orders are!

Helicopter Pilot: We stay, we're all dead.

Helicopter Pilot 2: Lifting off.

The helicopter lifts off. Soap refuses to leave Price behind, but Roach forces him to stay in the helicopter. Price is shot to the left shoulder; he pulls out his pistol and takes down more soldiers. He is wounded again, and Russian soldiers are seen running towards him.

Present day

Shepherd: That's it?

Soap: (hitting the table) Who is Kingfish?!

Shepherd throws him a dossier with a picture of Makarov, which confirms that Kingfish is Makarov.

Shepherd: We'll get him.

Soap stabs Makarov's picture in the eye. The credits roll.