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Finishing Moves are a player mechanic featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Warzone, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Call of Duty: Vanguard. They allow a player to enter a third-person view and perform an elaborate kill animation on an enemy. Finishing Moves are not available in the Campaign or Zombies modes.

Finishing Moves are executed by holding down the melee button while facing behind a player or AI enemy. They will be cancelled if either person dies, and anyone victim to a Finishing Move may remain alive if the attacker is killed before the Finishing Move is completed. Each Finishing Move has different variations when used on either standing, prone, or downed enemies.

Included in several Finishing Moves are additional characters or objects known as "pets" or "companions", which will carry out the kill animation instead of the player, including zombies, hyenas, and an RC-XD. Additionally, "pets" will travel alongside the player's selected operator in the lobby menu.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

After a Finishing Move is completed, the Operators, except for Mil-Sim, will say a line specific to them that may be chosen in the Quips menu.

Most Modern Warfare Finishing Moves are unique to specific Operators while some can be applied to any of them. Finishing Moves are unlocked via Missions, the Battle Pass, and various store items. Performing 25 Finishing Moves will unlock the operator Krueger.

List of Finishing Moves

Name Rarity How to obtain
Achilles Heel Base Base for Wyatt
Axe You Nicely Base Base for Alice
Axe and Receive Base Base for Raines
Baton Dispatch Base Base for Charly
Cranial Carnage Base Base for Otter
Death Pirouette Base Base for Rodion
Disable and Decimate Base Base for Domino
Disable and Kill Base Base for Azur
Disdainful Destruction Base Base for Golem
Face the End Base Base for Minotaur
Foul Play Base Base for Syd
Hatchet Hitman Base Base for D-Day
Head to Head Base Base for Bale
Hobble and Slay Base Base for Yegor
Infiltration Base Base for Grinch
Knee Deep Base Base for Zane
Pierce the Jug Base Base for Mil-Sim (Coalition)
Riot Control Base Base for Thorne
Shanks A Lot Base Base for Mil-Sim (Allegiance)
Slideshot Base Base for Ghost
Take Down Base Base for Krueger
1, 2, 3 Epic Base for Alex
Belly Flop Epic Bundle Ghost Pack: Oil Rig
Between The Ribs Epic Bundle Deathbringer
Brass Boxer Epic Bundle Emerald Ranger
Brass Tactics Epic Bundle Mother Russia
Brassed Off Epic Bundle Lone Marauder
Brick by Brick Epic Base for Lerch
Carver Epic Bundle Iskra Operator Bundle
Chest Pains Epic Base for Mara
Close and Personal Epic Bundle Night Operations
Clubbed Epic Bundle Arms Dealer
Cold Blooded Epic Bundle Nightstalker
Counterplay Epic Bundle The Huntsman
Deft Dispatch Epic Bundle Battle-Ready
Do The Spadework Epic Base for Nikolai
Down to Size Epic Bundle Out in the Bush
Electrifying End Epic Bundle Full Metal
Face the Adze Epic Bundle WMD
First Degree Epic Bundle Amphibious
Go Clubbing Epic Bundle The Unseen
Grave Digger Epic Bundle The Bodyguard
Herding Epic Season One Battle Pass Tier 100 Operator Mission (3/4)
Hold This Epic Bundle Enlisted
Ice Breaker Epic Bundle Cleanup Crew
Ice To Meet You Epic Bundle Gaz Operator Bundle
Icy Veins Epic Bundle Air Assault
Join the Club Epic Bundle Cloak And Dagger
Knife To Meet You Epic Bundle Mad Chemist
Laid To Rest Epic Bundle Urban Avenger
Leg Sweep Epic Bundle Tactical Human IV
Lined Up Epic Bundle Infiltrator
Lose By A Neck Epic Base for Farah
Mace to the Face Epic Bundle Mace Operator Bundle
Martial Law Epic Bundle Heavy Hitter
Misdirection Epic Bundle Chill Confirmed
Payback Epic Pre-order a digital copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Universal)
Pew Pew Pew Epic Bundle Fourth of July Pack (Universal)
Pinned Epic Bundle Guerilla
Precision Point Epic Bundle Tactical Human III
Queen of Spades Epic Bundle Mara: Kawaii Cat
Run Through Epic Bundle Mace: Guns Blazing
Say Watt Epic Bundle Cold Blood
Sick 'Em Epic Bundle Talon Operator Bundle
Slice and Dice Epic Bundle Ronin Operator Bundle
Spine Snapper Epic Bundle The Texan
Staying Frosty Epic Base for Price
Step Aside Epic Bundle Sgt. Griggs Operator Bundle
Stick 'n' Knife Epic Bundle Outback Relief
Take a Bow Epic Bundle Velikan Operator Bundle
The Fix Epic Bundle Nikto Operator Bundle
Trick Shot Epic Bundle Stone Warrior
Turnover Epic Bundle Tactical Human II
Walk Into It Epic Bundle Snow Cover
Wall Breaker Epic Bundle Close Quarters
Bush League Legendary Battle Pass Season Four Tier 19 (Universal)
Chip Shot Legendary Bundle Lumbertactical (Universal)
Crick in The Neck Legendary Bundle Pyromaniac (Universal)
Edward Legendary Battle Pass Season Six Tier 18 (Universal)
Fangs Out Legendary Bundle Arachnid (Universal)
Gutted Legendary Bundle The Kodiak (Universal)
Hellhound Legendary Bundle Undead Forces (Universal)
Hello Stranger Legendary Bundle Ghost Pack: Contingency (Universal)
Low Rise Legendary Bundle Asanbosam (Universal)
Nevermore Legendary Battle Pass Season Five Tier 20 (Universal)
Perforate Legendary Bundle Lights Out (Universal)
Riley Legendary Battle Pass Season Three Tier 20 (Universal)
Sasquatch Legendary Bundle Wendigo (Universal)
Snafu Legendary Bundle Roze Operator Bundle (Universal)
Spin Cycle Legendary Bundle Covert Operations (Universal)
Sputnik Legendary Bundle Nikto: Take No Prisoners (Universal)
Three Strikes Legendary Bundle Wasteland (Universal)
Toto Legendary Bundle Mara: No Place Like Home (Universal)
Tuco Legendary Bundle Morte Operator Bundle (Universal)
Watch This Legendary Battle Pass Season Two Tier 100 (Universal)


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Unlike Modern Warfare, Finishing Moves in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are not tied to any specific operator, and instead are all universal. The only Finishing Move that is available by default is "Sneak Attack", while additional Finishing Moves are available in various store items and the Battle Pass. Instead of Quips, each Finishing Move has a specific line to be said after completion, regardless of operator choice. Performing 15 Finishing Moves will unlock the Operator Stone.

List of Finishing Moves

Name Rarity How to obtain
Sneak Attack Base Unlocked by default
Back Up Plan Epic Bundle Hot Gothic
Body Snatcher Epic Bundle Fatal Frostbite
Bow Breaker Epic Bundle Rookie Mistake
Caught Staring Epic Bundle Tracer Pack: Tropical
Cheap Shot Epic Bundle Big Joke
Deep Cuts Epic Bundle Tracer Pack: Runic Demise
Defective Joints Epic Bundle Test Dummy
Double Tap Epic Battle Pass Season Three Tier 19
Devastating Blow Epic Bundle Brawler
Disarmament Epic Bundle Young & Gifted
Down & Dirty Epic Bundle Torqued Up
Drop Shot Epic Bundle Winter Sniper
Fall of Achilles Epic Bundle Nightshade
Full Barrage Epic Bundle Flight School
Guillotine Roll Epic Bundle Hot Shot
Hack Job Epic Bundle Lumber Jacked
Had Enough Epic Bundle Shamrocked
Heart Ache Epic Bundle Dockside Killer
Half Guard Epic Bundle Bank Heist
Helping Hand Epic Bundle Warthog Warrior
Internal Damage Epic Bundle Terminal Failure
Lost & Found Epic Bundle Carnival Captain
Low Praise Epic Bundle Debt Collector
No Mercy Epic Bundle Valkyrie Rising
Pound for Pound Epic Bundle Full Stop
Rear Mount Epic Bundle Winter Assassin
Rock-a-bye-bye Epic Bundle Rescue Mission
Roll Up Epic Bundle Top Secret Admirer
Sidearm Dispatch Epic Bundle Power Play
Stomping Ground Epic Bundle Demon Dog
Struggle Bust Epic Bundle River Slasher
Swift Kick Epic Bundle Photo Finish
Throat Chop Epic Bundle Miami Nights
Throat Cut Epic Bundle Cavalry's Finest
Tight Squeeze Epic Bundle City Ripper
Ultimate Takedown Epic Bundle Striking Distance
Above the Neck Legendary Bundle Quickscope Sniper
Absolute Blast Legendary Bundle Tagger
Between the Legs Legendary Bundle Rivas Operator Bundle
Big Stick Legendary Bundle Zeyna Operator Bundle
Bird of Prey Legendary Bundle Knight Operator Bundle
Cap & Tap Legendary Bundle Take Charge!
Club Thumper Legendary Bundle Marked For Death
Dangerous Approach Legendary Bundle Disavowed Assassin
Dog of War Legendary Bundle Wolf Operator Bundle
Frontier Finisher Legendary Bundle Most Wanted
Hammer Uppercut Legendary Bundle Tracer Pack: Bulldozer Operator Bundle
Jump Shot Legendary Bundle SHRP: Special Hazard Response Protocol
Maim & Tame Legendary Samantha Maxis Reactive Bundle
Nail Driver Legendary Bundle Full Assault
Overpower Legendary Bundle Zombie Dozer
Pain In The Neck Legendary Battle Pass Season One Tier 19
Plague Hound Legendary Bundle Corpse Collector
Rearranged Thoughts Legendary Bundle Stitch Sentinel
Shortcut Legendary Bundle Deadly Grip
Splitting Hairs Legendary Bundle In the Sticks
Tactical Roll Legendary Battle Pass Season Two Tier 19
Tight Rope Legendary Bundle Scar Tissue
Wrap Around Legendary Bundle Soul Reaper

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Like in Modern Warfare, Finishing Moves in Call of Duty: Vanguard can be unique to specific operators while some are available universally. Unlike the previous two games however, operators will not say anything after the finisher is completed. Performing 25 Finishing Moves will unlock Shigenori.

List of Finishing Moves

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Rack It Base RackIt FinishingMove Polina CODV.gif Unlocked by default
Angler's Hook Common AnglersHook FinishingMove Lewis CODV.gif Lewis - Operator Level 17
Arnis Assault Common ArnisAssault FinishingMove Isabella CODV.gif Isabella - Operator Level 17
Barrel It Up Common BarrelItUp FinishingMove Wade CODV.gif Wade - Operator Level 17
Butcher's Cut Common ButchersCut FinishingMove Beatrice CODV.gif Beatrice - Operator Level 17
Dig Deep Common DigDeep FinishingMove Daniel CODV.gif Daniel - Operator Level 17
Hammered Common Hammered FinishingMove Lucas CODV.gif Lucas - Operator Level 17
Hamstrung Common Hamstrung FinishingMove Halima CODV.gif Halima - Operator Level 17
Iaijutsu Common Iaijutsu FinishingMove Shigenori CODV.gif Shigenori - Operator Level 17
Kidney Cutter Common KidneyCutter FinishingMove Solange CODV.gif Solange - Operator Level 17
Maced Common Maced FinishingMove Constanze CODV.gif Constanze - Operator Level 17
Machete Magic Common MacheteMagic FinishingMove Padmavati CODV.gif Padmavati - Operator Level 17
Pressure Points Common PressurePoints FinishingMove Roland CODV.gif Roland - Operator Level 17
Suplex Common Suplex FinishingMove Francis CODV.gif Francis - Operator Level 17
Takedown Common Takedown FinishingMove Arthur CODV.gif Arthur - Operator Level 17
Vicious Common Vicious FinishingMove Polina CODV.gif Polina - Operator Level 17
Elegant Precision Epic ElegantPrecision FinishingMove CODV.gif Moon Forged Bundle
Hanging The Lights Epic HangingTheLights FinishingMove CODV.gif Secret Santa Bundle
Play Of Match Epic PlayOfMatch FinishingMove CODV.gif
Pop Bottles Epic PopBottles FinishingMove CODV.gif Broken Resolutions Bundle
Elfsecution Legendary Elfsecution FinishingMove CODV.gif Santa's Slay Bundle
Raptor Rage Legendary RaptorRage FinishingMove CODV.gif Battle Pass Season One Tier 19
Reindog Rampage Legendary ReindogRampage FinishingMove CODV.gif Krampus Unleashed Bundle
Steel Cut Legendary SteelCut FinishingMove CODV.gif Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan — Levi Edition Bundle



  • It is possible to perform a Finishing Move on a player who is already performing one. The victim of the initial Finishing Move will not die in this case.
  • Any Finishing Move that involves a firearm will produce blips on an enemy's compass, despite not being normal use of the gun.
    • Prior to a patch in Modern Warfare, a player with any one of these Finishing Moves equipped would be able to use the weapon while on a ladder.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  • Operators of the same faction tend to share the same forms of combat in their Finishing Moves.
  • The preview images for Finishing Moves may show versions of Operators that do not reflect their default appearance.
  • The "Hello Stranger" Finishing Move is a direct reference to Roach's death at the hands of Shepherd in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • The prone version of Krueger's "Knife To Meet You" Finishing Move is a direct reference to an action scene in the film John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

  • During Finishing Moves that utilize a sledgehammer, some of the the victim's teeth can be observed flying out.
  • Prior to Season Three, the Finishin Moves preview icon was featuring Woods performing them on Vargas while the preview videos showcased Stone attacking Hunter. After Season Three, both preview icons and videos were changed to feature the season's Battle Pass operator attacking Hunter.