The Fire Bombing Run is a 1050-scorestreak featured in Call of Duty: WWII. Once the direction of bombardment is selected, a plane will fly in and bombard the map in a line of incendiary bombs. It will create a wall of fire ideal for seperating enemies on one isolated section. On impact, the fire itself will last a few seconds before being extinguished but can still burn enemies.


Similar to Carpet Bombing, this is ideal to completely dominant over a small map. Especially when the battlefield has more wide outdoor fields. Using this scorestreak will support friendlies when securing objectives to trap the opposition before they do. This provides distance between their main goal. The fire it ignites last a bit longer than Molotov Cocktail and Flamethrower


The fire wall occurs only once so when designating an area, it's best to target open fields rather than tight sections. Since it fires on a straight line, it would be difficult to ignite multiple enemies. 

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