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The Fire Pit trap on Kino der Toten, Zombies Chronicles.

"Brimstone to Damnation."
— Chalk writing on the wall next to the Fire Pit in Kino der Toten.

The Fire Pit is a trap featured on Kino der Toten and Ascension. It costs 1000 points to activate. Upon activation, it incinerates any Zombie that runs through it. The Fire Pit downs any player that walks into it, unless they have Juggernog and they sprint through it.

In Ascension, the fire pits have evolved, being an array of vertically-firing flamethrowers placed along corridors unlike the fire in the center of the floor in Kino der Toten. Their new appearance is reminiscent of the Electro-Shock Defenses as they are positioned at gates and other choke points.




  • The phrase "Brimstone to Damnation" near the Fire Pit is a reference to the phrase Fire and Brimstone.
  • In Kino der Toten, there is a spot on the fire trap where the player can stay and the zombies will come straight through the trap, and the only way the player can be hit is by the zombies coming from either the barrier by the MPL and the door that leads to the alley.