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"Time for a Fire Sale!"
Edward Richtofen after Richtofen's Grand Scheme


For the power up with a similar effect see Bonfire Sale

The Fire Sale is a power-up that appears in the Zombie maps Kino der Toten, "Five", Ascension, Call of The Dead, Shangri-La, MoonNuketown Zombies, Mob of the Dead, and Buried. It causes all the possible Mystery Box locations to spawn temporarily and reduces the price of the Mystery Box to 10 points for 30 seconds. This power-up is very helpful if any player just died, are looking for better weapons, and/or is running low on points. However, it can distract some players who only focus on using the Mystery Box and leave them oblivious of a mass of zombies running towards them. It is also more likely to drop in the middle of a round when it's dangerous to focus on gambling at the Mystery Box. Out of all the power-ups, this one is the rarest to find under normal circumstances.



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Call of Duty: Black Ops

The Fire Sale reduces the cost of using the Mystery Box from 950 points to 10 points and lasts for 20 seconds. It also spawns the Mystery Box at every spawn location for its duration. However, all Mystery Boxes will disappear after the sale has ended except the Mystery Box that has already spawned before the Fire Sale began. The position of the original Mystery Box won't change because of the Fire Sale. Mystery Boxes that were used, but the weapon was not collected will still give the player the usual amount of time to claim their weapon, even when the sale ends. Once the Mystery Box closes, it will disappear. If the player gets a teddy bear and a Fire Sale, once he/she gets his/hers weapon and the Fire Sale ends, the gun in the box acts like a teddy bear and flies away (Only works on the mystery box with the teddy bear).

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS)

The Fire Sale is different in the DS version of Zombies; it halves the price of every purchasable weapon. The doors cost 2500 points and 5000 points respectively and the Mystery Box requires 475 points.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The Fire Sale returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, but only on Nuketown Zombies, Mob of the Dead and Buried. Its function is identical as it was in Call of Duty: Black Ops, spawning the Mystery Box at all spawn locations for 20 seconds and reducing the price to 10 points. Additionally, it is one of the random power-ups that may appear behind the ruined shack in Nuketown Zombies.


  • The Fire Sale theme song (before Richtofen's Grand Scheme) is exactly 1:15 long, a reference to Element 115.
  • On "Five" and Ascension, the monitors that display box spawns will instead show the words "Sale!" in front of static.
  • This is the first time in Zombies where the Mystery Box can be in more than one location at the same time.
  • This is the first time in Zombies that the Mystery Box has a lower price.
  • If the map's easter egg song is playing, the Fire Sale theme will play over it.
  • In Call of Duty: Black Ops ZOMBIESFire Sales also reduce traps to 10 points.
  • If Samantha's Fire Sale song is active while Richtofen switches bodies with Samantha or gets to round 25 in Nuketown Zombies, the song is still the original Fire Sale song. Richtofen's Fire Sale song will appear in the next fire sale.
  • According to a cut quote of Richtofen in the game files, the Fire Sale was originally going to appear on Tranzit. Jimmy Zielinski said on Twitter that it was cut because the map was too big and there weren't enough box spawn points. [1]
  • There is no jingle for the Fire Sale on Mob of the Dead for unknown reasons.
  • If the player completes Richtofen's side of Mined Games, the player is rewarded with a permanent Fire Sale.
  • The Fire Sale jingle is heard best when next to a Mystery Box


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